2019 Toyota Camry SE Signed $237 a month, $1500 DAS

Hello everyone, I got this deal for my dad a couple days ago. Without the trade in the payment would have been 286 a month. I have been looking through this forum for the past few months and this is my first lease negotiation and I think I did pretty good.
MSRP 26840
Discount 4251
Sales Price 22589
MF .00179
RV 64%
Incentives: 500 holiday bonus
Trade In: 1500 for his 04 Corolla
Doc fee 799
Reg fees 349

36 month 12k miles lease
$237 a month

Op, sent you a private message. We live near each other. I gave you the quote I’m getting for my 2019 camry se.

I got the same car for 285/month in NJ

MF is high. My region it’s .00012 for example

FL has a totally different program if i recall correctly, usually higher residual and MF from what i see on edmunds.

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We signed the deal on the 31st of December. I negotiated a little more off the msrp but they did not want to budge with the trade in. My dad is very happy with the deal.

Not terrible. Effective 280 a month with trade in. Seems to be the going rate for the SE.

solid deal even with the ridiculous doc fee of 799 in FL; as stated 3 posts above, Southeast region distributor is Toyota SETF: