2019 Toyota 4 Runner SR5 Lease Pull-ahead program

I am currently leasing a 2016 Toyota 4 Runner SR5 4X4. (15,000 miles a year 36 months). My lease expires in 2 months ($841 left in payments). I have around 45,600 miles on the 4 Runner so I will have to pay $90 for extra mileage.

A dealer in NY offered me a Lease Pull ahead program which would involve taking over my last 2 lease payments in exchange for offering me a new 2019 4Runner SR5 4X4 lease as per the below terms.

MSRP $38,273
Net Cap Cost $36,270
Residual value $25,260
Money Factor .00120
36 months / 15,000 miles a year
Total monthly payment $440 / month (all fees and taxes included)
0 money down
Drive off . - first months payment of $440
Leasing through TFS

I have never done a lease pull ahead program before. Is there anything specific I should get in writing from the dealer before committing to this deal. My concern is that they neglect to make my final lease payments + excess mileage payment in time and I am on the hook if something happens to the vehicle during the last 2 months.

Would this be considered a good deal? My lease pay off is slightly lower than the trade in value according to KBB and Edmunds.

How do you like your 4Runner? Obviously enough to get another one. You can PM me if you like so we don’t hijack the thread.

Is that mf right? Seems very low for 4Runner. Other than that, I would push for a little more discount. Also try looking at a trd off road. A little higher msrp but higher residual. For me last month it was about 3% higher.