2019 TLX 3.5 V6 Advanced, did I get taken?

I leased a 2019 TLX V6 Advanced, however i did trade in my Civic that had about 5k in equity (trade-in value is 17k and I owe 12k). The MSRP on this car is 43,950. After going back and forth, we settled on $359 per month, with 7500 miles year (i do about 6k per year now, plenty of cussion), about 23k will be the buyout at the end of the 36 months, and the 5k from my trade in would cover any money down, any tax and fees due( I like in chicago where the tax rate is about 10%). I put down 0 out of pocket, my money down was the 5k equity from the Civic. ​My first months payment was also included in the deal.

Originally they wanted me to put 3k down to get the 359, then pay tax title etc, along with only giving me 16k for my trade. After everything they said I would have to come up with about 1700. I told them I expected more for my trade in and i want the 359 with my trade in covering everything else. They went for it after some time.

Personally i think this is fair and am happy with my deal, but the question still haunts me, did i get taken or did we come up with a fair deal? I am happy with 17k for my civic, i think that part is very fair. But what about everything else?


You are missing a lot of info, but it doesn’t sound like a good deal. You are effectively paying $497/mo for a $43k TLX.


This is my first time leasing, I tried to include everything that I know. Sorry. I guess next time I need to do more research

Sales price (before incentives) is a very important piece of information to know.

next time, ask here first;
no big down payment on ANY lease;
bargaining on payment alone is a sure loser

good primer on leasing:

also, leasing 101 on this site

Just enjoy your new ride; it’s not a bad deal

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Ive had the car for about 6 days, am I too late?

too late is when you sign the papers and drive off the lot.

I don’t think you got taken, but I don’t know if you got much of any discount on the car. Do you know the selling price? It should be listed on the contract. What’s the adjusted capitalized cost?

From what you stated, this is a pretty average deal and you didn’t do bad at all. You got something at a price point you feel comfortable with and you should just enjoy the car.

Thanks stinger, appreciate it, I absolutely hate negotiating when I buy a car. But I also like getting a fair deal, does it have to be the best deal, no, I just don’t want to think I got ripped off.

@StingerTT I Adjusted Cap Cost is listed at 34376. The gross Cap cost is 44518 and the agreed upon value of the vehicle is 41999. when I was in the finance guys office I specifically asked him if 41999 was the price of the vehicle and he told me no it was 35,900.

After your $5,000 trade-in.

Looks as if you barely paid invoice for it and I’m pretty sure there were incentives going on for a non A Spec TLX V6 you may have missed out on.

Sorry OP, looks like this dealer didn’t do you any favors.

Too late to do anything about this current lease, yes. Too late to learn for your next lease, no. I think the deal wasn’t good (esp since I don’t imagine much was changed from 2018 to 2019 for the TLX), but it happens sometimes.

If the amount you spent isn’t fatal to your financial well-being, just enjoy the car for now and then do some more research for the next time.

@Ursus that’s extremely misleading. How do they get away with that?

Thanks everyone for he hard truth. I appreciate it. I will do my homework on leasing next time to make sure this never happens again. Pretty disappointed in myself but overall I got the car I want just not the best price. I took the word of the finance guy instead of reading the contract on my own. Thanks all for the info. I will pick you brain one more time

When the lease is up it’s a 23k buyout. Is that price fair everything considered. Assumed I max the miles(which won’t) at 7500 per year. 22500 mile on a 3 year old tlx for 23k seems fine in today’s market. Any thoughts?

The residual never changes. It’s the same for everybody. 99% of the time with a luxury sedan, the residual is overestimated. This is by design, luxury brands inflate residuals to make leases more attractive/affordable. Your car will likely be worth less after three years in trade in.

Thanks! @mah4546

Yeah, but technically it’s correct.

@Ursus how is it technically correct? I ask “what’s the price of the car” and he gives me half an answer. Half an answer is not correct. What am I missing here? The price was 41999. The pricace AFTER TRADE was 35900. He gave me an answer to a question a did not ask.

I don’t think it’s misleading at all. The ownace is on the buyer to understand the terms of the contract they are signing. It very much is a”buyer beware” situation.

At least you have this site for next time.

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