2019 Tiguan SE w/Panoramic Sunroof Option HELP

Hi All:

Help requested from a novice here. I am interested in a 2019 Tiguan SE FWD w/Panoramic Sunroof Option.

Basic Information:
$29,820 MSRP
36 months
12k annual miles
55% residual value
0.0006 MF
I’m a DC resident who will likely purchase the car in Maryland (but maybe Virginia)

Their Offer:
-$7,000 discount from MSRP
+$595 Value Package
+$910 Destination Charge
+$300 processing fee
+$461.60 tax
=$25,761.60 balance

They are saying if I put $3,000 down, I can end up with $300/month payments. I’ve already run these numbers past the 1% rule and also another calculator and this does not appear to be a good deal.

My questions:

  1. Not sure if this is realistic (I’ve been told by a different dealer that it is not) but I’d like to get as close to $0 down while maintaining a $250/month or less payment. If that’s doable, what should I negotiate down to make that happen? I’m not fully understanding how all the numbers work together.
  2. I’m attaching the quote they provided as well as the car from the VW website. One thing that jumps out at me is that the “Market Value Selling Price” is different tham the MSRP. I imagine I shouldn’t be concerned with this difference but wanted to check to make sure.
  3. Finally, I’ve been talking to many dealers via email. Any negotiating tips? I’d love to have this car by next weekend.

Thanks everyone!

You’ll need to see the window sticker to see the if the MSRP they are giving you is accurate. Sometimes the added features like a first aid kit change the MSRP.

I’m not sure that 0 down $250 is realistic. If you find that deal I’ll drive to whatever dealership you go to from NY to get that deal! I’m shopping deals in NY and I’m getting the following:

15k miles/year
1,500 down = $347/39 months
2,900 down = $300/39 months

(AKA not great!)

As for tips for negotiating via email the best luck I’ve had so far is literally sending the price sheet I get from dealer A over to dealer B and telling them to beat it. Others may have a better strategy but that’s been mine and it’s worked a little but I’m still not liking the lease numbers they are giving me.

Did you check Edmunds for any incentives? Also, as we are nearing the end of the month, keep working them on the price and they will surely come down some but as @pbm518 said, $250 per month with $0 DAS is probably unrealistic unless there are some nice incentives right now.

Thanks guys! OK - so I did some additional research which required making some manual calculations so that I understand how the lease numbers work. I found this calculation on the lease hacker website so I assume it is correct but please let me know if I’m missing something.

MSRP = $29,185
Selling Price= $29,820
Incentives + Rebates= ($7,000)
Downpayment = $0
Capitalized Cost = $22,820
Residual Value = 55% or $16,051.75
Months = 36
Money Factor = 0.0006 or 1.44% (0.0006*2400)

Step 1 = (Cap Cost - Residual Value)/Months
Depreciation Expense= $188.01 per month

Step 2 = (Cap Cost + Residual Value)*Money Factor
Monthly Finance Charge = $23.32 per month

Step 3 = Depreciation Expense + Monthly Finance Charge
Lease Payment $211.33 per month

Step 4 = Sum of Other Fees
Other Fees $2,266 paid separately
Acquisition Fee
Sales Tax $461
Taxed Incentives
Government Fees
Destination Charges $910
Value Package $595
Processing Fee $300

SO - three things this exercise is telling me:

  1. I just noticed that on the sheet they gave me, the numbers don’t add up. Simply adding up the numbers they provided should yield a total balance of $25,086 and their balance shows $25,761.60. There is no reference to where the $675 difference comes from but I imagine it’s literally a hidden fee. Thoughts?
  2. This shows me that I can put “$0 money down” as a down payment and end up with a $212/month payment. Now this is of course assuming that I pay the other fees of roughly $2,266 separately (which I am fine doing).
  3. Running the calculation a different way, which lumps all my fees into the cap cost still could leave me with a no money down option but paying $275/month.

*I prefer option 2 assuming the mysterious $675 shortfall isn’t included as it gets me below the $250/month payment I was looking for.

Thoughts? What am I missing?


First of all, great job with the research and doing all the legwork!!

  • You need to reconcile what you are claiming is MSRP vs. what the dealer is claiming. MSRP is not negotiable.
  • Ignore their sheet for your purposes. It’s not a lease calculation. You’ll be REALLY surprised when you go into sign and none of the numbers look familiar or make any sense. You’re on the right track by making your own spreadsheet. Just get the numbers for MSRP, selling price, incentives, MF, local fees/taxes, and…
  • Get all of the unresidualized BS out. $595 value package? $300 processing fee? (doc fees vary by state)
  • Get quotes from MANY different dealers
  • Search the forum for Tiguan quotes/deals. There are many.
  • Don’t put money down!

Good luck!! You’re on the right track.

Thank you so much. This is encouraging and helpful!

Is the destination fee needed? Isn’t that included on the sticker?

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That’s a good question. I don’t know what some of these fees are or what they mean.

I asked additional questions today (like what is the value package fee) to the same dealership that had given me these original numbers and also shared my calculations and what I considered to be a fair price. Within 30 minutes of me doing that I was told that “the car has already been sold” and was asked if I wanted to look into another one. I don’t believe the car was sold. I believe they wanted to requote me for a lower trimmed vehicle. I didn’t bite and told them I would continue looking but thanked them for their time.

So… Long story short, I’m back to square one.