2019 Tacoma Off-Road Dbl Cab 24/12k $210/mo + tax after mil rebate and MSDs



Learned a ton from watching this forum the last few months and wanted to post this in case anybody else is looking for a short term Tacoma lease through TFS…even without military rebate probably a pretty solid deal.

2019 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab Off Road 4x4

**MSRP: $39277
**Selling Price: $34900
**Monthly Payment: $210 + 9% PA tax = $229/mo
**Cash Due at Signing: MSDs + 1st payment
**MSD: $2700
**Incentives: $750 military rebate

**Months: 24
**Annual Mileage:12000
**MF: .00159 (.00231 - 9 MSDS)
**Residual: 83%

**Region: PA
**Leasehackr Score: 14.6 yrs

Very happy with the deal, possibly could have gotten a little lower but oh well.

There is a $1000 rebate out there for Tacomas but I was told that it wasn’t available on the lease because TFS offered a discounted MF instead (.00231 vs. .00285). I had previously read somewhere that to apply MSDs you have to start with the standard rate so I was just happy that they were discounting from the .00231 instead of .00285 (payment was about the same). In hindsight it might have saved a little to take the higher base MF of .285 plus the rebate but I don’t know if that was possible.

Link to calculator:


Please pm dealer info!


Using the standard MF and getting the $1000 incentive would have been slightly cheaper, but still great deal regardless. Enjoy your :taco:. :+1:


where is this dealer?


Can you please PM me the dealer name! Thanks!


Can you PM the dealer name? Thanks.


Can you pm me the dealer info as well? Thanks.


Can you PM me the dealer?


Please pm me the dealer. Thanks and enjoy your whip!


Please pm dealer


This deal is replicable in New England if anyone would like it.


please PM dealer info. Thanks.


Is a 12% discount typically doable on a Tacoma?


The right dealer will do upwards of 13.

Not easy but can be done


I would feel bad pushing for 13%. I can’t see them doing that on a consistent basis, maybe to hit a bonus. 10-11 seems like the sweet spot. 12 is exceptional. 13 is a unicorn. But you know what they say, if you’re not embarrassed by your offer, it’s not low enough!

I can replicate and beat the original posters deal in the philly area. Always worth trying on your own though. If you don’t want to waste time then use a broker, more than worth it as there’s many on this forum that will save you a lot of hassle and money!


Hey everybody, sent a PM to everybody that asked for info (I think) - please PM me if you didn’t get it. Good luck!


sent you a PM, thanks


please PM dealer info thanks!


Hey Folks,

The key to the great payment on these is:
12% Discount
24 Month term

If you can get the base MF to start and work down the MSDs, as well as a truck they’ll do 12% on, you’re in the clear.

Keep in mind, military of $750 on a 24 month note knocks the payment down $31.xx.



Good point - I did a few online requests through edmunds and there are dealers out there that will offer 10%+ off through email, can probably get them down even more in person (as long as they don’t try to make that money back on mf or added fees).