2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited - Signed 2/2/19

** Signed Deal Updated Below**

Hello everyone. I have learned a tremendous amount about leasing from this website and appreciate everyone taking the time to share their knowledge.

I was able to take advantage of the Equinox deals in 2017, and did a one-pay 24 month lease. The car is nothing special, but the cost was super cheap. I am now in the last month of the lease. The numbers I am receiving for a 2019 Equinox are far from compelling - about double from the last deal - and I’m not a fan of the reduced size.

After considering the MDX and QX60 that often come up for discussion here, I have decided to pursue a 2019 Subaru Outback 3.6R.

We have a baby and like the Subaru brand. In the last three years, I have leased a Forester XT, and an Impreza. The Forster was involved in a side collision when someone ran a red light. Car was a total loss, but no injuries. (Fun fact, the XT was a sign and drive deal…the insurance company valued the vehicle a few thousand more than the payoff. This brought the effective lease payment down to about $165 per month.)

Here are the quotes I received from a nearby dealer. Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. Leaning toward the Limited trim. The only significant difference I can see between the two is a brown leather interior on the Touring model.

Thanks in advance for everyone’s help.

Outback 3.6 Limited
MSRP $38,345
Price $34,108
Residual Factor 61% ($23,390)
Money Factor .00040
Monthly payment $329 +tax w/$932 due at signing

Outback 3.6 Touring
MSRP $40,671
Price $36,326
Residual Factor 59% ($23,995)
Money Factor .00030
Monthly payment $369 +tax w/$1040 due at signing


Here is the deal that I signed on February 2:

The 3.6R Limited is leasing comparatively well right now.

Term: 36 months, 10,000 miles per year

MSRP: $38,554
Agreed Upon Value: $33,389.24
Acquisition Fee: $295
Gross Capitalized Cost: $33,684.24
Residual Value: 61% ($23,517.94)
Rent Charge: $823.52

Drive Offs: $910.56
35 Monthly Payments (pre-tax): $305

I’m in market too…you’re quotes sound good. I’m getting about the same for the 3.6 limited.

Touring has no appeal to me as I don’t like the brown leather interior. Also, living in SoCal have little need for a heated steering wheel.

Apparently there is a loyalty coupon that applies to certain existing customers’ VINs. I expect to sign a deal tomorrow and will post the final numbers here.

Looks like a pretty good deal. The MDX and QX60 give you a small third row which is helpful if you’re carpoolling.

I edited the original post to include my signed deal. Thanks again for everyone’s contributions to this forum.

Out of curiosity, where was this deal done?

Sherman Oaks Subaru did the deal. The sales consultant was Jesus Zamora. Prior to signing, I communicated with the internet sales manager for Timmons in Long Beach. He told me they could probably match the deal if it did not work out, but would not be able to go lower.

The excess mileage charge is $.15 per mile, which seems cheap to me. I assume the dealer does not set this.

Congrats! That is the last of the 3.6!

Heyo! Great deal. I’m curious what your MF was on this? I’m looking at this and have no idea how it comes out to $305/mo.

Also, could you explain what the rent charge is? I haven’t come across that yet.