2019 Subaru Impreza Sport

Need a little help. Son hit a deer and totaled the Legacy he was driving so under the gun to get him something.

We found a 2019 Impreza Sedan manual- only one other one about 3 hours away, so not easy to walk away.

Here are the numbers:
MSRP 23,032
Sale 21075
TAGS 279
6% TAX
$299 DOC FEE
53% residual
money factor is .00015.

The monthly payment is $306, but that is no money down except first month payment.

Is this a decent deal? Please let me know if you need more info.

Glad to hear he walked away and you are replacing one Subaru with another.

Yeah not what LH calls a unicorn but another kind of unicorn.

Did you verify the residual/MF/incentives with Edmunds? The MF looks like buy-rate but always check.

How many months/miles?

Is it a color he likes?

Whoops forgot those basics, 10K/year and 36 months.

Yes actually the other one farther away is a color he doesn’t like.

According to Edmunds- no incentives I qualify for. Just posted there asking MF and Residual

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That’s a big payment for not a lot of car. I’d work on getting that selling price lower.

There is probably another $500-1000 if they keep grinding for the rest of the month. May not be worth it. My suggestion would be:

  • drive a manual Mazda3, FWD and AWD
  • drive a manual Golf

And if you come back around to the Impreza they will probably bite at $299/mo and they might go to $289 if they need that deal that bad, but I don’t see you getting much more off that car. They know it’s rare and they prob know the closest one is that far away.

Thanks for the reply, looked at Golf- my kid is driving it, so IIHS ratings factor into.
Had a few VWs in past, they don’t do as well as Subaru’s in crash testing.
The Mazda 3 needs to be a 27k vehicle to get manual trans.

At this point I think it is what it is.

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In socal you may able to get closer to mid 200s with $0 DAS

Try to push to 12% off MSRP

There is actually no telling how desperate the dealer might be to get rid of a paperweight he cannot sell to anyone else.

But if the OP has revealed his cards and shown his own urgency

It’s a matter of who blinks first.

If you really like it, save yourself the acq fee and lock in a low APR by buying it. Manual Imprezas probably won’t be available next time.

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They already aren’t in a 2020 Sedan-CVT only. I didn’t really revel my hand at all, just said I wanted a manual and if I couldn’t get a good deal on the 2019- there are plenty of 2020 Manual hatches around.

I’ve never leased and don’t plan to in the future. This was needed to replace the hand me down he was driving. Only need it for 3 years. Basically this ends up a little more than the payout for the totaled legacy.

I looked use, but there isn’t anything good in the same price range. I figured a 3 year lease get us through my daughter driving and going to college after my son- then I was my hands of it.

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