2019 Subaru Impreza 2.0i premium hatchback $250/mo $0 das

I do not have all of the requirements so I couldn’t do the calculator. All fees, taxes etc are rolled in so I’m only paying first payment at signing. I feel like this is a good deal. Subaru is tough, doesn’t seem to really have incentives except loyalty. The best I got from any other dealer was $260/mo for base model. Would you bite? I’m also considering almost identical MSRP Buick Encore which will be $200/mo also with 0 down, everything rolled in. Totally different vehicle, but better score deal wise I believe.

**MSRP: $25,057
**Monthly Payment: $250
**Cash Due at Signing: $250 (first payment)
**Annual Mileage:12k


I would bite if the payment $250 includes tax and zero down.

Indeed it does. Thank you

Actually I just got an offer MSRP $21k2019 impreza sport manual $200+tax with zero down.

You sure you want to drive a 152 hp car for the next three years?


I got depressed just thinking about that.


It’s for my 18yo daughter, so she pretty much wants to drive anything that we pay for. I’ll research that a little more though in case it deserves some extra consideration. I’m not really a good judge of engines probably lol. Thanks for the info.


There’s nothing wrong with 152hp if it’s a turbo, but normally aspirated, especially at altitude is awful.

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I get a feel from a lot of the conversations in here that many of you are real car gurus. So…is this “I love a powerful car and this doesn’t cut it” awful or is this “I can’t even pass anyone and I’ve created a line to the base of the mountain” awful. I’m test driving in midwest btw, but the car will go to UT

I live in UT every kid has a Subaru so she will fit right in.

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You can have fun in 150 hp car, just floor it and downshift when needed. I have more fun in our smaller 130 hp car than larger 275 hp.

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It’s all about the turbo, I live in Colorado. Drive Loveland Pass at almost 12000 feet and that Subaru is struggling, Jetta with a turbo and no issues at all.

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My girl drives 2019 qx50 with cvt…and she always tell me how fast it is…:joy::rofl: which makes me think she is so cute lol

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For 18 yo girl, this is more than enough car in my opinion. Hopefully you got great deal:)
Good luck!

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I’ve owned 5 Subarus. Only 2 of them were normally-aspirated 4 cylinders. Two of them turbo 4’s and one H-6.

I detested both of the NA 4 cylinders. The only thing worse than small displacement non-turbo motors, is small displacement non-turbo motors at elevation.

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Thanks again for your help. Tiguan is still in the running as you suggested on another post but not happy with the price yet. Went up in March unfortunately. Will be checking out the Jetta when I head to vw dealer

Yikes. Thank you for the feedback

Same with Vermont and New Hampshire

Depends where you live. More than enough power here in Los Angeles. And perfect for an 18 year old.

Wouldn’t want it in Germany though.