2019 Subaru Forester Touring

This seems to be the best deal i was offered from a few local dealers. What do folks think? They told me it was better than the VIP pricing they could give us.

FORESTER touring
MSRP 36538.00
Price 32736.00
Base Tax(%) 8.00000
Calculated Residual: $21922.8
$ 393.32
10,000 Miles/Year
Term 36 Months
Lease Factor 0.00085
Residual(%) 60
Filing Fee 7.20
Temp Reg.cost 4.21
Acq. Fee 595.00


Whats the DAS? With what you provided I would say this is not bad, specially with the discount on the MSRP. Subaru’s are notoriously bad leasers

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First month payment is the only thing due at signing.

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Nice, about about 1.07% lease. Not bad! The 8.9% discount on MSRP is key.

Thanks for the advice, There were 3 dealerships that are closer but this is the only one that wanted to play ball.

Isn’t it 10.4%? Which is about $1,250 under invoice, which is a good discount.

what region are you in? that lease factor is impressive

Since when are Subaru’s bad leases? I lease a 2017 Subaru Outback Limited in LA…36/12, zero drive off, $358.xx a month for a $36K+ car. And I have 24K mainteinance.

Currently deciding between another Outback and Forester to replace my Ford Edge this month…both come under 1%…and that’s without really shopping around!

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Could you PM me the info? I’m trying to find more info about this as well

Im living in LA SoCal . What fair offer I can get at this moment end of June?
Some informations please!
Or any recommendation of dealership??
Thank you~