2019 Subaru Forester Limited lease quote

So we just got this first quote and I’d say it’s pretty good!! Thoughts??

2019 Subaru Forester
2.5 LTD
MSRP: $34,677.00
Selling Price: $30,958.00
Money Factor .00080
Residual 63% for 12,000 miles a year
Tax $939.00 (Included)
Monthly Payment $350.00

36 months nothing due at signing except first month payment.

not bad. monthly payment including taxes is $350?

Did you verify buy rate MF on the Edmunds forum? Looks like a solid discount.

Yes verified on edmunds and strangely enough they said 62% RV and the quote says 63%. We’ll take it though! MF is exact.

Yep! $350 all inclusive.

I’m thinking the dealership may have accidentally quoted you for 10k miles based on my quick look at the Edmunds forum…definitely double check on that!

We will definitely verify. That would make sense to me being 10k vs. 12k.

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So was it 10 or 12? Also in the market

We will be checking on Saturday when we go in to place the order. I can post the answer then. The paperwork won’t be filled out until May when the vehicle comes in. Either way, it may only adjust the payment by $10 and we are okay with that.

Sounds good thx

The residual is actually 62% currently for 12k, however our payment didn’t change so it was just a typo. Plus we added an extra accessory that brought the MSRP up a little.

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Does not pass the 1% test. Rejected!

Sorry I know u answered this before, but looking at the paper work is the $350 quote including taxes? Not a bad deal if true

correct - if it is inclusive of 8% IL tax, then it passes the 1% test

Yes, it includes the taxes. :grin:

Can you please post the contract for posterity. Congrats - it’s a good deal…

I can when it comes in. It’s been ordered and should be here in 6-8 weeks. No paperwork has been done as of yet.

Could you DM me what you have? Of course blot out any personal info, but I’m desperately trying to replicate the deal in my market.
Thanks for your time!

Would love to help, but the only numbers I have is what I’ve posted. I’d be more than willing to post the contract in May when it’s signed.

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Okay np thanks for your time! Hope u love your Subie when it comes in