2019 Subaru Ascent - Leaking Sunroof - Worse After Goodwill Repair

Hello Hackrs,

Posting this for a friend here in NorCal.

They have a 2019 Subaru Ascent that experience major leaking through the sunroof during the recent storms. The car is just out of warranty. They took it to their local Subaru dealership who said it was a known issue, had 5 vehicles there at the time with the same leak, and did just under $5K of “goodwill” repairs.

Two days after getting the vehicle back, during a second storm, the vehicle was leaking even worse. We’re talking standing water sloshing around. Dealer says that “tube they installed was clogged” and are waiting on parts.

The car is currently air drying at the dealer (outside we think) and there is more rain on the way this weekend.

Is anyone familiar with this issue and how Subaru is dealing with it? Any recommendations with how they should proceed?

Clogged Sunroof drains is very common. Honestly sounds like they tried to clear the tubes and didn’t do a good job.


You will get more/better feedback on the Ascent forums. And if if it’s anything like the Outback forums, search first and find the 5+ threads on the topic.

No clue on the Ascent, but all the leaking Outback issues are related to drains around roof rails, and how they drain into the door wells.



Did not disappoint. Good luck to your friend @NorCalHackr


My Defender will never leak. LR rules.
P.S. It doesn’t have a sunroof


That’s all you. No Land Rovers, and a roof that won’t open on command is a deal-breaker.

Do you open your sunroof? Ever?

No less than 5 days a week. Volvo had to relubricate the track at one of the scheduled services (2y/20k?)

There’s a similar thread (or similar threads) about the infamous Golf sportwagon sunroof leaks…