2019 Stelvio 24/10k, $1500 DAS, $505

Big thanks to @tbenfit for doing all the dirty work and sharing his deal! Love the way the Stelvio drives!

2019 Alfa Romeo Stelvio TI Sport

MSRP: $ 52690
Selling Price: $ 44925
Monthly Payment: $ 505
Cash Due at Signing: $ 1500
Incentives: 2000

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10000
MF: .0002625
Residual: 61%

Leasehackr Score: 8.9


I think the Ti Sport trim is the sweet spot right now for the best deal, with best residual and dealers willing to offer more % off discount from msrp. Looks sweet in black.

Whats your location? The price is in line to what I’ve been seeing in SoCal as a starting point. The 2k rebates includes conquest?

No conquest. Got this deal in NorCal.

Over here dealers have been giving different info on incentives, even the guys over at Edmunds say it’s 1k lease cash.

Still a great deal, thanks for sharing the price point.
Maybe @tbenfit can help out clearing up what the real available incentives are for those looking into stelvios in Cali.

It’s $1k but dealers have access to coupons or additional in older units.

Anybody needs an Alfa deal this month in the Bay Area, hit me up!

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Not sure what the make up of the 2k rebate is. I’m not conquest, nor loyalty. I believe I got a great deal, especially considering the car had to be shipped to my dealer, from So Cal.

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Until I joined this site I thought Stelvio was an artificial sweetener.


Nah, nothing artificial about these, pure sweetness :wink:

Any one know of any Stelvio deals near NYC? Thx!

@Justin_Sutton email him

How’d you get the MSRP down? Looking at a $54,000 MSRP stelvio and they say can’t go lower than $50000

To get the best Alfa deals you have to be willing to travel. Some dealerships act like these are a hot commodity, so find a volume dealer and go to work.

I guess that goes for all cars and not just AR, but the point remains. 4k off MSRP on an Alfa is laughable, IMO.

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Some dealers in South Florida are sitting on a ton of these.

Still getting so far below invoice the dealer has to be losing a ton of money though, right?

Friends just leased a Gulia TI Sport, $1500 at signing, $450 mo 36/10k including all services. It was just over a 10% discount on the car

Honestly, I don’t know. I just figure if they agree to it, they’re okay with whatever profit margin they have from the deal. It isn’t any of my concern, as harsh as that sounds.

I’m not advocating asking for 25% off MSRP—that’s just disrespectful, IMO. On the flipside, giving a 7.4% discount on a vehicle that regularly sells for considerably less could also be considered disrespectful to a savvy consumer.

Any one know of any Stelvio deals near Chicago city?

Wrong again.

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I got a quote in Omaha for a $47k Giulia Sport AWD for $389/mo $0 DAS. (This included 2k negative equity rolled in)

Inventory is 280 days old. Got something like 13k off all together. They said they have been serving customers all over the country. Apparently not enough of them.

These cars just aren’t selling right now. There are serious deals to be made.

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Also, make sure you get the $500 True Car rebate. Super easy and Alfa’s quality being they are part of FCA. Makes a big difference on a 24 month lease.