2019 SQ5 lease help!

Hi everyone. So after looking for a while I managed to find the exact vehicle I wanted at a dealer a few hours drive from me. Everything seemed to be going well at first. I managed to negotiate a discount of about 12.6% before incentives. However as we moved on to talking lease, the numbers the salesperson me seemed way off. Anyway, here are the numbers I have below:

FYI The lease terms I gave are 36/10k w/1st mo only DAS, vehicle to be registered in NJ

I’ve done the math myself by hand and also used a few apps/calculators. Based on the numbers received I am calculating lease payments about $90-110 less than the dealer. And the tax numbers seem off by at least $250 as well, although not enough to account for the entire lease difference.

Also, after going back and forth with the salesperson a bit more apparently they are marking up the MF to .00069 and even though I’ve told him twice that base MF should be .00029 and that we have top tier credit he implied this is the MF they are offering. WTH? He also said he is certain that his tax numbers are correct. Considering I am buying from out of state, I am still skeptical about that. Eventually he came back to me with $741 a month.

So for you gurus out there, are the numbers I’m expecting on the mark? If not how close/far am I? Is there something I’ve not accounted for? If I am on the mark or close to it, what should I do to get the sales person to see things my way? I’ve come this far and hitting this wall is really frustrating. I’ve already looked at and haggled with many other Audi and BMW dealers at this point and almost every time things fall through for one reason or another.

Please, any and all feedback/comments are appreciated!. Thanks in advance!

Expect for out of state buying that the numbers won’t be exact, typically dealers farm out to third party companies and that carries in itself a fee.

If you want the car and you’re set on it, tell them you’ll take the deal if they give you buy rate otherwise walk away. No need to pay a marked up MF if you have good credit.

Yea, that’s pretty much the direction I’m going in right now.

The thing is even when I factor in his MF and taxes I’m getting $700-710/mo and unless they’re charging over $700 in hidden fees I don’t see where the discrepancy is coming from. I just feel like I’m either missing something or they’re playing games…

What are the fees, are they marking up the acquisition cost? Qualifying for an MF rate doesn’t mean the dealer has to give it to you; in fact what they are doing is giving you more discount in exchange for an MF markup. Here’s a starting point on LH calc -

The fees, as communicated to me: Taxable-$495, Non-Taxable-$395

Yea I do understand what you’re saying about the MF. Although I do think it’s a bit dishonest to misrepresent the deal by over-promising on one end of the deal with the intention of taking back from the other end. Obviously they have their line and I have mine so I’m just going to have to push until we get somewhere or we don’t.

FYI, like I mentioned before I did run the numbers separately with their MF and applying taxes on all rebates/fees and still came up short a good amount from what they quoted:

I already responded to their last offer, pushing them a bit harder this time. We’ll see how it turns out.


Hi everyone. So it looks like I’m getting close to finally pulling the trigger on an SQ5 lease. The only problem I’m having right now is my numbers are not matching the dealers numbers. They are getting $714/month w/ 1st month DAS. I’m getting $690. Can anyone take a look at my spreadsheet and tell me if I’m losing my mind? Perhaps I’m miscalculating something somewhere?

They are charging what looks like a really high motor vehicle fee ($700) which they said already includes NJ luxury tax and their sales tax totals are $2086 which is about $300 more than what I’m getting. My first impression is that they are dinging me twice on luxury tax and they are taxing some things that they shouldn’t.

Hopefully you guys catch something I’ve missed or confirm my doubts. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I don’t see how anyone can do a comparison w/o seeing the dealer’s worksheet.

Not sure why you decided to move this thread. This is a different dealer/vehicle from the one above. Additionally all information given to me from the dealer is posted in the spreadsheet or has been mentioned in my post.

All related posts for the same vehicles go in the same thread.

I don’t trust that you entered all the numbers from the dealer correctly. Good luck getting help when you dont want to share all the info.

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Your numbers won’t match exactly in a LH calculator. Most likely never will as there’s always a small difference between an LH calc and a proper desking tool. If you’ve already achieved a sizable discount and are a few bucks away why not just sign instead of asking strangers on the internet why numbers don’t match?

Hint: If the fees are miscalculated the bank wont fund the deal and if they’re charging fees it has to be disclosed at the time of signing.

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I’m not sure which post you’re looking at? My last post has the most recent information on my spreadsheet not the LH calculator. I was afraid this might happen which is why I had made a new post which subsequently got torpedo’d and merged here…

You’re trying to re-invent the wheel, but doing a bad job at it. In your latest spreadsheet, pretty sure you’re calculating tax and rent charge incorrectly.


Just do the 2 minutes of work and use the LH calculator. Too many potential errors in using your own spreadsheet.

I filled out the LH calculator long before doing the spreadsheet. The calculator numbers didn’t agree with the dealers either. In order to get a clearer idea of what is going on I made the spreadsheet so that I would be able to go through the process and give feedback to the dealer. My numbers still don’t agree with the dealer’s and hence I wanted a sanity check, someone to say hey you missed this or you miscalculated that.

So far I’ve gotten vague, rude, or condescending remarks (not pointing the finger at you). But not one constructive or specific comment. Color me disappointed…

For what it’s worth (I’m new here) I have pretty much the same spreadsheet for myself that I’ve used for the last 5 years. Yours looks good. Very similar to what I made for my own purposes.

Ask the dealer to send you details. This shouldn’t be that complicated. On my Q5 I was within .50 cents per month of the LH calculator.

They offered you $28K total cost, or $777 effective monthly cost, which is 1.22% of MSRP. In my view, this is not a great deal.

Calculator on this site is not particularly helpful, but here is what I signed on Sunday: 2019 SQ5 P+; 36/10,
$3260 drive-off
$538 x 35 = $18,830 payments, including taxes
$22,090 total cost of lease
$22,090/36 =$614 effective monthly cost of lease, including AudiCare.

Any questions - let me know via PM.