2019 sierra sle crew cab 2wd is this a good deal?

Msrp 45,770
Selling price 42,700
Das 2,000
Monthly payment 500 tax included
Residual is 63%
Not sure what the money factor didn’t get a good look at it
Please let me know if it’s a good deal because I talked to many gmc dealership in California and I couldn’t get any better

You really want to spend that for a base SLE and no 4WD?

I’d get an 18 or wait until lease support is better on the 19s before pulling the trigger.

$500 can almost get you an 18 Denali

Also, with GM the sweet spot is the double cab. Crews lease poorly. Denali’s are just a little more or even less sometimes

I have been searching Sierras and Silverados as well. The residuals have been upped a bit on Sierras also. Not sure of your model but 36/10 Denali is 67% and AT4 66%. I’m sure SLE changed also. Money factors did not change much, all were still around the .00220 range. The silverados have a better mf rate and high residuals as well. You should be able to get in a custom, RST or LT for well below $500.

Wait for the inevitable huge incentives…

Can’t imagine getting a base full size pickup truck with 2WD when I regularly see 10k+ on the hood of some of those trucks.

How do I post my deal to this forum?

Ok thanks I think I’ll wait until the new money factors and residuals and maybe more lease incentives come in February.