2019 Sierra 1500 - anyone have Feb numbers?


GMC Sierra Denali 4x4
24 and 36 month - 15k miles/year
75214 (Dallas/North Texas)

Much appreciated…

From what I hear there are still no lease dollars available…

I got a response on Edmunds. It’s the same as January which feels suspicious.

.00221 and 64% for 36/15
.00221 and 67% for 36/10

Numbers frequently stay the same. Search on here for the dealer workbook link. You can see GM numbers there

24,27,36,39,42,48 months

24-35 = +1 12k , +2 10k
36-47= +2 12k, +3 10k
48 = +3 12k, +4 10k

6.6% 5.3% and 5.4%

Only national cash shown Chevy or GMC is on Double Cabs or High Country trim. Only $750 on some doubles and $250 on High Country

Yeah I found the link to the workbook. I’m in no hurry. Will wait for March. Can someone reinforce my assumption that March is GMC’s “truck month”? I’ve never shopped for a GM vehicle so I have no exposure to their sale cycle.

Its gotta be better than this month. Between the rough MF and paltry incentives, this just isn’t hackable right now.

Does anyone know if the GM College discount will stack with whatever the TruCar dealers offer me in discount?

residuals usually change quarterly while mf is unpredictable, residual on the sierra looks great but the mf is very high.

So I have my 2014 JGC paid off. What is the consensus from the masses about using it for trade in?

I get it’s essentially a down payment, but it’s got the added benefit of reducing my tax basis here in Texas. I am also going to leverage it as funds to afford a one-pay so I can lower my MF and remove the “total the car and lose your down payment” risk.

you would have to see how well the trade in offer is, I know when I sold my 2010 altima back in 2017 to move towards the hellcat, quite a few fca dealerships offered $6500 but I sold it private party for $8500 without it impacting my deal(car was immaculate and had every option so it sold within 7 days private party all cash), you should calculate between selling to dealer versus private party or even carvana/carmax. I know private party is a stretch since most people dont have the time to sell their own car but maybe the carvana/carmax option gives you more cash and you can always use that cash towards the one pay.

Anyone have the numbers for 2019 Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Standard Box zip 60527 or 49117

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