2019 Santa Fe Lease check

Got a quote from a dealer here on 2019 Santa Fe Ultimate 2.0 T.

Term: 10,000 miles / 36 months

MSRP: 36,895
Sale price: 35395
Rebate: 3000
Final price: 32395
MF: 0.00184
RV: 53%
DAS : $512 (first month payment)

Payment : $512 (including 7% IN state tax)

With 3,000 down, the payment goes down to $417. Sounds high to me but they are not ready to budge. Took it another dealer and he wont even match it.

That’s a lot lower than the .00237 MF than I was quoted in NY about a month ago.

But Costco pricing, at least in NY, knocked about 9.5% off the MSRP before rebates. Maybe there’s less competition in Indiana, but that seems like a high purchase price.

Try to get a better selling price (>4%)

Let the dealer know it’s a Hyundai and not a Porsche, more discount…

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