2019 sales portend: we’ve passed the peak

Ford doesn’t report until Monday but it appears that 2018 was the peak (for now)

Comment with your favorite news roundup.

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Do you think the manufacturers will offer more aggressive incentives as a result of last quarter sales? I have not been very impressed with the current deal climate.

Automative News was the most comprehensive.

Key points, decline of units, increase in sales due to higher Prices and eventually it will be the death of sedans lol

Incentives up and should continue the trend upwards.

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Total eTrons sold: 5,369

What about Tesla? Lol…

Etron are nice but for its price point the cobble of non Tesla DC fast charging (Electrify America is kicking ass though on their buildout) is just too risky to rely on over a Model X which is it’s closest competitor.