2019 S60 T6 R-Design Lease Review

(edited on 8/17/19 to reflect more accurate values)

Long time leaser but first time posting. Hoping to get a review of this deal. I couldn’t get the calculator to add up correctly. First time posting here,
Can someone break this down for me so i can possibly get a leasehackr score? Also wanted to get feedback on whether this is a good deal or not. I have more numbers if needed. Thank you.

2019 S60 T6 AWS R-DESIGN
R-Design Features = $6,100
Heated Rear Seats & Heated Steering Wheel = $750
Protection Package Premier = $470
Polestar = $1,295
19" 5 Triple Spoke Black Alloy Wheel = $800
Destination Charge = $995
Total Suggested Retail Price = $50,710
Volvo “A Plan”

New : Mileage:195
MSRP 50,710
Selling Price 41,936
Gross Cap Cost $42,931
Adj Cap 40,872.11
DOC FEE $144/LIEN FE $26
ONLINE $16.97/PLATE FE $30
Amount Due at Lease Signing or Delivery $3,000, but I am only giving him $2,000
cap cost reduction $2,058.89
36 Months with 9% Tax: 435.84
title fee $55
Registration fees $38
sales/used tax $185.30
Annual Mileage Allowed: 12,000
Money Factor: .00077
Residual: 56%
Total Payments 18604.40

I would say do not put any down. I lease the volvo S60 T6 Inscr… Read the story

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There should be more room here off the sale price.

To compare, I recently got a member an R Design w a $57K Window…
$2500 DAS
$438+6.25% Tax

Id want to see a bigger discount on this car since its a low MSRP R Design.

A plan locks you in at 6% dealer discount plus whatever elite bonus that they’re doing, which accounts for a little more. You’ll be able to get a better deal with some shopping without using a plan.

Are you sure about that MSRP? It can’t possibly be right. The car is $50,885 with just polestar, 19" wheels, and the heated steering wheel. I’m not even factoring in if you get metallic paint, plus the protection package premier is $470 (or $490? I forget.). The point is this should be at least $51,355.

Also, a breakdown on the selling price v. incentives would be helpful.

As a reference, I got mine with $680 DAS, for a $51,060 MSRP, with NY tax included, for $445/month, and that was with a higher MF a few months ago.

Possible. Base T6 R is around 47k and all packages he listed are around $3,350

I built it on the website just to make sure I wasn’t crazy! :wink:

Then try again. It starts at 47,045 and is 50,240 without protection package (470) and with standard paint

Whoops that R-design really wanted to be fusion red!

Either way, a breakdown of incentives vs. discount would help, as would a breakdown of the fees. Over $1,000 seems high for PA.

thanks I have edited the post with more detailed info!

If that is new, and you aren’t doing msds, doesn’t seem like a bad deal

Again, it would be helpful to breakdown the selling price with what is the discount and what comprises incentives.

It’s A-plan, so 6% pre-incentive discount plus $1500 a-plan bonus. Roughly 9% pre-incentive.

But there is also nearly an $1,100 difference between the selling price and adj. cap cost, unless that’s a cash reduction. But again, how can OP only be “giving him $2,000” if the quote is based on $3,000 at signing?

so I never hit enter before left for vacation now the numbers are avail.