2019 S60 T6 Inscription loaner lease

Hi all, I am new to lease, appreciate your thought on below quote?
I also look up a few post on S60 T6, targeting 18% discount before incentive still applied here? that might translate another 4k off
Mile: 3985 miles
MSRP: $52,915
Selling Price: $43,725 (~17% off including incentive)
Terms: 36m/10k
MF: .00077
Residual: .57
DAS: $3000 (include dealer fee, tax, first month payment)
Monthly: $467 per the dealer

using leasehackr calculator, i am getting slightly difference.

Not really. It needs to be a relatively old car for this. 16% should be more realistic.

Keep shopping. I needed to wait till end of the month to get the dealer to move forward with this discount.