2019 rolls royce wraith lease

HEY guys, hope everyones doing well. I am looking to lease a luxury or exotic cars. I am really open to all models but so far this is what I found. Any ideas on this and if you guys think its a good deal. Any input would be appreciated as well if any better deals are around.

Rolls Royce Wraith 2019
$374,000 sticker
48 Month Lease
2500 miles year
$2400 month/15,200 out of pocket includes first month and every thing else

2020 McLaren 600LT
$302,000 sticker
36 Month Lease
2500 miles year
$2300 month/first month due at signing that’s all

Any input would be greatly appreciated and if any one has any deals for any super or luxury cars and can help I would be really interested.
Thank you so much

2500 miles seem too low. I would ask for a quote with 5000 miles unless you have 12 cars and drive only 200 miles a month.

There is some McLaren info in this thread.


Don’t make duplicate threads.