2019 RAV4 with negative equity rolled in. Also quote on leaf Thoughts on deal?

I’ve been lurking on the forums quite a bit, this seems like a solid deal- wanted to know everyone’s thoughts. I need better gas mileage and a car that can fit the family and dog. I want to get out of the negative equity as well. Hearts not set on rav4 but I do like it.

Trading in a Tahoe, owe about 27k, nada high trade is 20k, high kelly bluebook trade is 18.5k.

Dealer offered 18,300 for trade

Car is 2019 rav4 LE FWD

Msrp 27448

4,000 down (paying down negative equity)

Payment w/15k miles 366
Payment w/12k miles 356
Residual is $17,017

Also got quotes on a Nissan Leaf 2019 s
Offered 18500 on trade
Cap cost 29,000
Rebate 12,500
Cash 4000
Payment 399 12k miles
Residual 11,106
Money factor .00258

This one seems bad, especially with that residual

Thanks for looking!

How is 15k/yr cheaper than 12k/yr? Ignoring that, if you take out the negative equity, that means the RAV4 is really $0 down, $225/mo (assuming the term is 36months)? And the Leaf is $0 down, $275//mo? The numbers you are giving look totally wrong (too good to be true).

Get quotes for the Tahoe from Carvana and Vroom and compare to what the dealer is offering. Dealer will be making $$$ off of selling your trade-in, so you want to understand what the Tahoe’s value is outright and you’d probably be better removing it from the deal.

I agree w/ Jon, the monthly rates for 12k and 15k look screwy.

You say you’ve been around this forum for a while, but just joined. If you’ve been around, you would know the details you have provided for the Rav4 and Leaf are not enough for folks to evaluate.

You should be providing the MSRP, selling price before any discounts, any incentives that are available in your region that you qualify for, and the MF and RV at a min for every deal. Some of this info is missing for each offer and the Leaf is over 6% apr which stinks.

I switched them around on accident when I wrote it- you are right 15k is the more expensive option. I’m glad you say this seems too good to be true, because that was my thought as well. I’ll see what happens when I sign, but that’s what they wrote on the paper they gave me.

If you are going to roll in so much negative equity, it would be wise to find a car with an MF as close to 0 as possible so you are paying as little interest on it as possible.

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Can you post a picture of the paper they gave you?

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I would look for a terrific deal on one of those high end cars that can easily absorb the negative equity and still be a “decent” deal and then let someone take over the lease on swap a lease, and then get you the rav4 or the leaf without all that nasty negative equity.

I’ve done it before, it works. just my two cents.

So the time you’ve spent lurking the forum hasn’t taught you to understand the deal dynamics? You still plan to move forward and sign knowing the deal has considerable room for improvement, and you don’t care to know what your Tahoe trade-in is actually worth beyond a dealership?

Good Luck in your endeavors, i’m not even sure why you decided to finally create an account and post, if you have no plans to listen to the feedback?!?

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