2019 Rav4-Reasonable?

MSRP $26,824
$329 for 36 months @12k miles
0 down payment
0 due at signing
0 security deposit
$650 aquisition fee
Lease-end purchase option - $16625

Is this a real offer or one you pulled off a dealer website?

I got it off the Toyota website with them knowing my zip code. Seems good no?

Then its not really a real offer. Those deals are before fees ect. I could get you close but you need to check your local dealer for a real quote.

National ads are only base payment

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Hi Cody,

$329 seems reasonable to me, but in actuality I will hold off for the hybrid. The hybrid should be in that ballpark right?

I’m in Illinois.


I’m no expert but from what I’ve learned in the website, you should follow the 1% rule of thumb. A good deal should be with monthly payments of 1% the MSRP, with $0 down and 12k/36 months. For that MSRP then you should be looking at payments of $260 a month.

But then again, not all vehicles lease the same. I don’t know how many incentives there are available for Toyota.


That’s a terrific point el_vago32. I’ll keep that in mind for future reference.


That’s terrible advise. Every car is different. Some cars should be way below 1%, some at 1% and some over 1%.


Yea I’m holding off for the hybrid — me seem to think good deals galore

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Two months ago when I leased my Cherokee the strangest thing I thought was I stopped into the Kia dealership for haha’s and I could get a Lexus for cheaper then I could of the sportage ex or sx turbo which I kinda liked. Fully loaded Cherokee less nav and sun roof still cheaper then an xle rav4 so who knows just keep shopping🤷🏻‍♂️

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I’m getting this in New England

Now adding 2019 Toyota Rav 4 XLE
MSRP 32,615
36 Months/12K
Only first payment due at signing:
$345/Month Plus Tax


Any deals on the Adventure trim? I would really like to look in to the Hybrid, but it looks like the Adventure is rated to tow almost twice as much.

Since the redesign the lease price has shot up a lot… My kids 2018 same msrp leased at $80 less last year.
Got from Cody of course

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Can you please give an example?

RAV4, with its redesign and lack of incentives, is one of the worst volume vehicles to lease. You won’t get a good deal on a RAV4 - so just be prepared to spend a significant premium.

You ain’t gettin a 19 Rav 4 for 1%, that’s for sure. Unless you wanna put a few Gs for ccr.

Not true. Depends where you are.

If you have only your upfronts due at signing, you can be at 1% in New England (see above)

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I stand corrected. Good deal sir.

crazy a highlander is cheaper to lease

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Hey, I am in NJ
Can anyone give me the following info on a 2019 Rav 4 limited with the weather package, advance tech, premium nav, and panoramic sunroof;

Money factor
Lease credits or discounts

Thank you for your help