2019 Rav4 Lease

Hello everyone, I just got this lease offered to me after haggling with a dealer. I am not putting any cash out of pocket. I am only using the equity on my 2016 Audi A3 Quattro, which I owe 14600 on. Please see the picture and let me know what you think. I do not know if this is enough information but I am supposed to head there in the morning. Any help is appreciated.
The lease is for a 2019 Toyota Rav4 XLE.
Located in Florida
Thank you

What is the MSRP? Don’t put your trade down. Have you got quotes from vroom, carvana, CarMax for your Audi?


The MSRP is the 28510.

Honestly, the amount they are giving me for my trade is way more than Carvana and CarMax. My car would normally sell for 18k with the number of miles on it.

So no discount?

It does not seem like it, it seems like the discount is coming from my “trade”. They are giving me a lot more than its actually worth. Trade in for my car would be 14-16k.

Well however they want to get to it over $400 effective payment for $29k RAV4 is not a good deal.

This post shows a monthly payment of 278 monthly, I called back and asked for a better price and they offered me 265 per month. They said this is their best price and they are all in, what do you think?

You are putting down almost $5k and spending more than $400/month on a stripped RAV4, roughly what I spend on a well equipped Audi A4.

This is absolutely terrible. I can’t believe anybody would seriously consider spending this much on a stripped RAV4.

Obviously you’re unsure about this deal. 265.00 is still not a good deal. They are giving you more for your trade to make it look like a good deal. As prior posts states you are paying full price on the car. You can negotiate the price on the car and that brings down the monthly payment. You are also paying about 35 to 40 dollars in interest. .00084x 2400 will figure out the apr which is 2.04%. I would not recommend trading in the car on a lease because you are putting up almost half the depreciation for the car upfront. If your car is totaled you’ll loose all that money.

Thank you for the response, I am not sure where everyone is seeing the $400 a month. The picture shows 278 and now they are offering 265. I will continue looking, thank you.

Thank you, do you think it would be better to sell my car to Carvana for 2k in equity and then negotiate with putting 2k down? The reason why I liked the 265 because I would like to keep my payment as low as possible for the next 3 years. Thank you for your input, this would be my first lease so I am very new.

You can get a terrible deal and still have low payments if you put a fortune down.

If they marked up the price by $4,000 beyond what they’re already asking, and then you put $8,000 down instead of $2,000, your payments would be even lower.

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So what did carvana and carmax offer? Have the dealer quote you without the trade, then compare all the numbers

CarMax was lower, It was 15000 as well as RumbloeOn, Carvana was highest at 16600. I am contacting them and waiting for numbers with 2k down, which is what I would just take to dealer to maintain a lower payment. I would, of course, compare to 2k down and 0 down.

Don’t put any money down, crash the car tomorrow and that cash is gone. You also need to get quotes from multiple dealers

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You could get that rav for 265.00 with no money down. They are never on there lowest number until you walk away 4 or 5 times. If they dont want to come down on the list price then they dont want to make a sale. Check other dealers and check other brands CRV will be competitive. There might be Toyota cash as well that they are not offering you. With those numbers you need to negotiate the price down to roughly $26000.00 to get a payment at 265 to 275. It can be done

Find a broker. If you’re confused why everyone keeps chirping about a 400 dollar payment, you got zero chance of actually hacking a lease by yourself.

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Okay, I am getting quotes for 2k down and 0 down from this dealer and then I will move onto another Toyota dealer near me. Thank you for your help. I see where the $400 dollar payment is now.

With the same number you have given. Your numbers with zero down is 350 and 2000.00 down is 290.00
You need to get the money off the MSRP. Approximately 1K off the MSRP will save you 30 a month.

It will probably be higher bc of doc fees and possibly acquisition fees.

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