2019 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged Dynamic


Hi, I’m looking to lease a 2019 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged Dynamic for a friend that is an existing Land Rover Financial leasee. Would you be able to confirm the residual and money factor? Would you happen have the March rates? Also what number should we be paying monthly based on this info ?

Agreed Sale Price: $93,428
Mileage: 12k
Term: 39 months
Residual: ???
Money Factor: ???
$0Down – just paying $895 Acquisition Fee, Doc Fee, Transfer Registration, and 1st month’s payment.

head over to edmunds forum all that will be there


March rates?

It’s Feb…

Also, once you have these details, that’s what the lease calculator is for.

With 0 down that’ll be north of $1500/month.

Agreed sale price from what MSRP?

Thanks for your assistance. The original MSRP is $97,428. I realize there is about 5% plus to play with on these models… I attempted to use the lease calculator and got a .0010 money factor.

5% is tops (I believe) for an SC

6% is for non SC

This is for standard inventory of course.

If they’re blowing out 18s (rare) it’s possible like the one I posted earlier to get more.

I just wouldn’t expect to negotiate much on these at all. No rebates either.

If you want to do a deal in Boston, I can get you the best rates im aware of.

Actually, I use to live up in Boston. I think I met you many years ago through other friends in the business. I believe I was brokering a deal in the old Foreign Motors West in Natick when I was introduced to you. I generally purchase vehicles outright for myself and my customers. Hence why I’m asking for leasing assistance. Just making sure I have all my numbers correct for this deal.

Ironically, the located vehicle is in Massachusetts. Customer is in New York where I now reside.

The calculator won’t give you an MF… that’s an input into the LH calculator and needs to be sourced from edmunds forums

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Hmmm nope not me!

We’re prob thinking same dealer then. Good luck!

It’s a bit of a moot point until MFs and residuals are out for March.

Yes, I just realized I was confusing you with someone else. His name was Mike as well. Yes, I am almost certain we’re probably thinking the same dealer then. Yes, I guess its a moot point until MFs and residuals are out for March. Hopefully they get better. Tata Motors Corporation needs sales badly with there present financial stituation. I understand the Jaguar division is really hurting them since the market demands SUVs and sedan sales are pretty dead these days.

I think RR will always be an exclusion despite how poorly Tata is doing. They’re never going to heavily discount RRs as that, in my mind, would kill the brand.

My guess, and it’s just a guess, is that March brings the same for RR.

That said, I don’t know what your friend is hoping for and many dealers won’t even do the 5% on the S/C versions.

I’m also leasing the same year and model but MSRP is $102k.

Didn’t agree on sale price, but so far this is what the dealership is quoting me.

$1530/month (tax inclusive)
$8k drive off

Any advice would be much appreciated!!