2019 Ram New 1500 Laramie

Looking at a new Ram 1500, Laramie, Black Package. MSRP is 60k. Listed on the dealers site for 45k with savings. I want to do a 36 month lease at 12k miles per year. The dealer is in another state about 2 hours away so I don’t want to waste a trip if its not going to be worth the time so I’d like to lock it all up via email with the internet sales manager. Few questions.

  1. Huge discount of 25% off MSRP, so I am assuming I can’t do much better or can I.
  2. I am currently in the final year of my lease on a 2016 RAM. I have 6 payments to go. Purchase option is currently 48k, Residual will be 43k at lease end. I really want to get out of this current vehicle, and back into a Ram, which I had previously. I think I can save some money on the monthly payment as I am at $620 a month on the Denali. Looks like 2016 Denali with 30k miles is around 38K on KBB. I feel like I took one from the dealer on this current truck and want to go to a new dealer for the RAM. Is there a way I can make this deal work with being upside down on this? This is a work vehicle that is expensed as well.

Thanks for any help, only wish I would have found this site before I leased the GMC. Oh well, lesson learned.

Most of your points aside, don’t get too excited about that price. I would contact the dealer, that’s more than likely the price with all incentives available, mainly for purchase. Once you mention lease that sales price will be close to msrp.

Edit: then you’ll have to negotiate down to a sales price you’re comfortable with.

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I just locked in on one of these today in Massachusetts.

MSRP $61xx
2019 Laramie Crew
Black Appearance
Ram Box
Pano Roof
Level 2 Laramie
12” Screen
A few smalls

Including Conquest Lease and Realtors ($500), with 36M/12K, and MA Tax rate of 6.25%, we ended up at:
$568/month w only first payment due at signing

[Bostoncarconcierge] What did you pay for the final sales price to reach these numbers, as well as MF for the loan?

Car is in transit and getting a stock number assigned tomorrow. Deal sheet is signed but I’ll share the breakdown tomorrow once the contract itself is signed.

PMd you sir

Hi can i get a breakdown of this deal

PMd you thanks

Cap cost $50634 all said and done so call it a discount of just shy of $11K.

MF .00065

I have found the vehicle I would like to lease. I had previously negotiated the sales price on a purchase option, which the dealer offered to sell to me for $49,500. This is about 21% off MSRP. When I asked them to put a lease option together for me, these are there first numbers.

MSRP $62,370
Purchase Option $34,653 (55%) residual
MF .00045

Due at Signing .
1st month payment . 629.92
Upfront tax . 262.5
Rebate as cap reduction (not sure what this is) $3,750
Total Drive off . $4,642.42

Inception fees waived . $892.42

Again the dealer offered to sell me this truck outright for $49,500 when I told them I originally were thinking of purchasing.

I am ready to move on a new Ram this week, and this is the one I want, but I have to drive a bit further to get it. The sales price to purchase looks to be a good deal, but my preference would be to lease this truck if I can get the right deal, and I know this is not a clean deal. Financing is already locked up with Chrysler Capital. Any help and direction from here would be appreciated. Thanks

You can get a limited under 50k purchase price

High price

Not getting far with my Ram search. I’ve received quotes all over the place and the best I can get so far is a 53,955 MSRP Laramie for $625/month (zero drive off)


Can I please get a breakdown of this deal?

Thank you.

This seems very high to me.

Can I also please get a breakdown on this lease?