2019 RAM Bighorn Truck Deal Tip

If you are in the market for a new 2019 RAM Bighorn 4x4 Crew Cab the dealer below in ohio is advertising 24 mo/10k for $199/ mo plus tax,tags,title,fees. (right on landing page).

I verified the deal is legit but only on the specific model (Other models / options increase price dramatically). While this truck has limited options it is still a great deal on $42-43k msrp model.

If you need more options you may still find this ad helpful in your negotiations as a starting point.

I did not buy from this dealer and have no affiliations.


Deal expired 7-9-19, they’re working on new ones.

They came back to me with $179 with $1509 due at signing for taxes and fees. MSRP $43,820. Won’t give a break down though.

i didn’t know the other deal expired (it was up today but then taken down I guess)

$179 w/ 1500 total due seems solid though.

I just spoke with the dealership. It is $179/mo 24 mo 10k lease with $0 due at signing, but must be an OH resident.

Does anyone have lease paperwork on this deal so I can try to replicate the deal in FL?

More than likely cant replicate in Florida. Edmund’s forums had 4-5k of lease cash available to Ohio residents. Not like that in other parts of the country.