2019 ram 1500 MF RV

Looking for MF R/V February incentives/rebates for both trims
2019 Ram 1500 (new design)
Laramie & Big Horn 4x4 crew cab 5’7 box

RAM is advertising a 27mo Crew Cab lease on their website through Ally for Truck Month. I know Ally and US Bank do 3rd party. Have leased a RAM before through Ally. Just strange they are advertised now on Rams site instead of Chrysler Capital. Does anyone have the Ally rates? There is more IDL cash that can be applied using Ally. Thanks.

edmunds forums would be faster tbh.

Edmunds only has Chrysler Capital numbers Ryspin asked about Ally numbers.

I was talking to op, didn’t even read in detail the 2nd post.

I’m positive autobytel would have the idl cash but no idea about the rv and mf, its also possible they dont even have the idl cash, not sure where people find that info, maybe try calling ally, best bet would be dealer for rv and then bluff and ask for base money factor.