2019 Ram 1500 Laramie - MSRP 58,345 - $550/Mo - Florida


After months of research and deciding what vehicle I wanted I narrowed down the search and received a deal I am happy with. Thanks to everyone on these forums for your teachings . Toughest part was finding a truck optioned the way I wanted (only 4 within 200 miles)

MSRP: $ 58,345
Selling Price: $ 49,483
Monthly Payment: $ 550
Cash Due at Signing: $ 550 (1st payment)

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000

Region: Florida

I love this thing

Great looking RAM, what Trim is that and what options, if you dont mind me asking

It was a Laramie, Black Appearance package (22’s), Level 2 equipment, 12" Nav, Advanced safety group, Power running boards, 3.92,

Thats what i am shopping for also. It seems a little high compared to all other lease deals. i know the big horn lease VERY well but no 12 screen. What part of FL? I am in Orlando

Live in Lakeland , truck was done at winter haven dodge. I couldn’t do a bighorn just was not what I wanted (diff wheels, nav,adv safety group, leather) to much to give up . Yes this was mostly dealer discount as the incentives are terrible right now .

Great your not the one i spoke to at the kids skate party are you?

nice looking truck, 22s tho thats interesting, is it a pleasure truck? how are you liking the 12 inch nav, it looks sick in the pictures.

@john94si Ha that wasn’t me man

@2pac Love this truck and ye its just a daily driver. 12 in display is good so far.

Waiting today to see how incentives are this month (December).

I got a deal from the GM at a local dealer similar to your deal but hoping the incentives went up or MF went down this month???

This AM i still see 0% for 72

Yea my deal would of been a lot better with higher incentives (1500 at the time). I was happy with the price and its the exact truck i wanted so had to do it.

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Hi @L2815,
Congrats on that deal. The truck looks amazing, I’m looking for a sport package as well but in patriot blue.
This is my first post here so I’m not very familiar with the forum and how to ask but do you mind sharing what was the MF and residual value you received? Also does the MF changes per month? How do I know I’m getting a good MF deal? Thank you.

You should start your own thread instead of hopping onto someone else’s.

First, go to Edmunds and find out what is the current MF/RV/Incentives for your area:

Then start shopping dealers.

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Thanks for the advice @4sallypat, I didn’t mean to hop onto someone else’s thread. I was asking for his MF and RV to have an idea. I will start my own and thanks again!

The mf & residuals are set by the bank. Other then the dealer them selves the only place to get them is edmunds .

Remember that incentives are regional and mf/residual are set. Just work on getting the largest dealer discount possible.

Awesome, good to know. I went to a local dealer and got some numbers. I will get more info from Edmunds and see how far off the dealer was. Thank you.