2019 QX60 $679/mo


Hey guys, can I get an opinion on this? Long Island NY

I don’t have a break out of how they got to this sale price (no clue what incentives are applied). And the sale price in the calculator includes $1,560 from rolling in my existing lease.

This model had many packages, they said it’s “fully loaded”

Sounds REALLY expensive for a mediocre vehicle. Not too familiar with Infiniti but I routinely see much higher discounts.

Reach out to @HN308

PM’d @HN308 thanks for the recommendation. Glad to hear that this sounds REALLY bad, they had 3 guys in the office coming up with all sorts of ways to convince me this was a great deal, but I knew I had to walk out!

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Not a bad price for two of them


It’s been 6-7 years since this model came out. I would also look into other brands unless you are in love with this specific model.

One of the only Infiniti’s I am not a fan of…

I’m not sold on this make/model. Just got general wind Infinitis were the easiest leases to hack so I took a stab (rather unsuccessfully lol)

Try the MDX…they are in the mid 400s.

I quoted QX60 luxe at $350 in SoCal

What was MSRP?

You username just needs one more K after the c, to make a very wise statement :joy::wink:

LOL. You can get probably the almost two of them for this price. It’s so atrocious I wouldn’t even continue talking to the dealer. Find another one.

And have you looked at other cars? Calling this the worst in its class is still too kind.

So I should be able to get this 62k car for almost half? Seems crazy low.

You need to take a step back from talking to the dealer for a minute and take the time to become more knowledgeable on the lease deal before approaching one again. Learn what incentives are available and how they apply. Learn the details on the cars you’re shopping. A dealer telling you it is “fully loaded” tells me that you don’t know what you’re shopping for and that they’re just feeding you fluff. Finally, do some reading on here of other qx60 deals. If you’re surprised that people are saying that price is almost 2x, it’s because you haven’t searched through deals and compared.

The key, in my opinion, to getting a good deal on a lease is to go in extremely well educated on every aspect of the lease. If you don’t do that, you aren’t playing with a full deck of cards


Doesn’t make this deal any better, but a the only way to get to $62k MSRP for a QX60 is literally nearly every option on a QX60 Luxe with AWD.

This. Agreed.

I can appreciate the advice, thank you. As for the description of what I wrote, I suppose I was just a bit lazy in what I wanted to write :grin:.

The car in question is a luxe awd, and has the packages listed below. Which, as far as my brochure reading has taught me, is fully loaded.

As for incentives, yes I don’t really know what rebates are out there. All I’ve learned is a general vibe that others are getting 13 to 20% off on QX60’s. Though none of the examples I saw were for the same MSRP (e.g, trim and options) that I’ve presented here.

Again, thanks for taking the time to read over this deal - my hope is to learn a lot from all the gurus here.









Are you targeting that specific vehicle because you want those packages or is that just the one they steered you towards?

The higher MSRP definitely will drive your payment up relative to some of the deals on here, but the overall deal structure shouldn’t look all that different. Before talking to the dealer, you should know what the cost should be firm that specific vehicle based on similar deal structures.

If you want to get a good deal, research enough to where your thread is saying “this is why this is a good deal” not “do you guys think this is a good deal?”

At $700ish a month, there is no good reason to be in a qx60. The qx60s only redeeming quality is the opportunity to get very very cheap leases. Otherwise, it does not compete in the current marketplace.


I chose this vehicle, really the only 2 packages I want from it are the theater and proactive packages. But all their stock w/ these 2 packages are ~61-62k MSRP.

Sounds like I should just look at other models, seems like XQ60 is universally disliked for what it brings to the table – so even if I do get a good deal on it sounds like it’ll be a good deal on a bad car.

Terrible should be under $500 per month 0 down to be a good deal. I got one in January $399 per month and 0 down. Check the xc90 it’s a better car. If you want I got a good dealer for Infiniti and Volvo.