2019 QX50 Essential $50K MSRP

Went to Infiniti dealer in NE Ohio today and got the following information on a 2019 QX50 Essential with a MSRP of $50K.

Wanted to lease and I got the following numbers:

39/15 with MF .0023 and RV 50%

Also I got numbers for 39/18, 36/15, and 36/18 but they were the same as above. The salesperson showed me the numbers on a spreadsheet.

Also stated there are no conquest nor vpp rebates as of now on this vehicle.

Does this sound right?

I am trying to lease for around $400/m, 0 down only with 1st month payment.

Look forward to hearing input!

Have you looked over on Edmunds to confirm RV and MF? It doesn’t really make sense that a 36/15k lease would have the same RV as a 39/18k lease.

You can search “2019 QX50 MF” to find the specific Edmunds forum and make a post there to confirm numbers for your zip code.

Did the dealership give you a quote as to what your monthly payment would be?

Edited to add the below link as a reference point:

Please do not support the Infiniti dealers in Ohio. I was set on a QX60 for a year and everyone in the entire state wouldn’t cut a decent deal.

I went with HN308s dealer and had a car in one day almost fully loaded that the dealers in Ohio wanted 150+/mo more.

Yea, on company JDS owns all the Infinti dealerships in Cleveland and Columbus.