2019 Q7 Premium Plus - Texas

Local dealer in DFW is advertising on their website for

  • $599 per month for 36 months
  • $4,799 cash due at signing

I have asked for more info… and waiting for details… thought I will post and get some feedback before I get more details…

That is higher the the current Manufacturer offer which is currently $549 with the $4799. Shop multiple dealers. I believe today is the last day of the current Audi offers.

Got the following image from dealer…

MSRP - 68200
Discount - 9205
Sale Price with Discounts - 58995
Essential Pkg - 299
Sale Price - 59324
Tax - 3705
Aquisition - 895
Licence, Reg - 343
Residual - 56%
Down - 7500
Monthly Payment - 759.21

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Why put down 7500 when you could put down 40k. Go for it man.

I’d shop around for sure. Don’t put money down on a lease…

I’m not willing to put down even $7500. this is what they sent me… as I did not go in person and only over the phone and they are asking me to come down and will negotiate better (just to lure me…) so trying to find what’s the best… or I should just leave it…

You shouldn’t put money down. What’s the MF? This seems really high.

Refer to my deal. I got a 63.5k car for 51.9 inclusive of loyalty. Even without loyalty it’s 52.9k.

There’s a lot of room on this deal.

It’s 2019 Q7 Premium Plus and the discount is at 14% and the MF is coming to 6.5%… and this is the best they can do… is what they say

Have you checked the Edmunds forums for the MF and RV? .00270 feels like a mark up.

thanks just saw endmunds it looks like it’s .00184… they are sticking with .00270 and I can do 10 MSD instead of Down… but still with 750+ per month… is it worth ?

I suggest walking away. Reach out to several dealerships. You should be able to find base MF on these.

Noooooooooo, it’s bad. Is this Sewell of North Houston? They always discount nicely but mark up the MF massively and they hope people don’t notice. They also don’t detail what incentives they’re including in the discount.

Check what incentives apply for you, in December for 3.0l Q7 P+ it was $3k, plus $1k season of Audi, plus $1k Audi loyalty = $5k. I don’t know what it is this month.

A good general structure of a deal in Texas is 10% dealer discount, plus incentives, plus tax credits, and base MF.

This is Sewell North Dallas… Incentives are 3K + 1K no audi loyalty… I told them if they can do 650 per month with 10MSD I will sign up… but they said they cannot do and today is the last day for year end deals… I told them to get off… let’s see if they come back…

anyone has any idea what the special for Jan on Q7 ?