2019 q50 rs awd

Just want to see how this deal stands and if its hacker worthy. I doubt the dealership will repeat.
Anywhere else i can squeeze? They also threw in the wheel and tire insurance .

2019 Q50 Red Sport AWD
62.950 MSRP
$52,800 selling price
530+dmv total drive off
39 month 10k
7.375 tax rate

It’s a good deal.

Good…best I could get was $480 with 1st month only due at signing, but on a car discounted from 53k to 42k (ish).

Good deal it seems. Fun car.

But double check the tire and wheel insurance before signing the papers.

Dealers like to say they’re free and throwing it in but then in your paperwork you’ll see they actually charged you for it

Thanks for the heads up. Ill keep an eye out when i see the numbers breakdown.

It’s not in numbers. Separate paper you sign and you get a copy of it.

Ill look for the docs and make sure they didnt add the price of the insurance on top of what they quoted me.

Yeah, nice deal - I’d do that!

Pls share your dealership-- this is best i see on a $63k car…

This was due to a special situation and will not be a repeat. Ifyou have an all in- i can try to ask the sales manager. But prior to what had happened, aronchi gave me the best price by a good margin. Try reaching out to him first.