2019 Nissan Rogue SL AWD w/ premium package lease

I’m new to this, so forgive me - I’ve been researching a bunch & trying to understand everything, buuuut I feel like dealerships make it difficult! Anyway, to start, the best price I was able to get was on Honcker ($334/month, $2175 due at signing, $0 down, 36/12). I’ve been able to get a couple of dealers to beat it, but before I continue to try to lower it, I’m trying to get them to give me the price breakdown in writing to confirm the numbers and I’m…confused. MF is .0001, residual per Edmunds is 54%.

One dealership just sent me the window sticker with random numbers in her email that didn’t give me much to work with other the monthly price, which I already knew ($329). The other dealership sent me the following:

I confirmed I was not interested in putting anything down, just wanted to pay normal reg, doc fees, etc at signing, to which her response was “Yes that’s the way it comes out but that is the total due at signing.”

So my question is - does that look right? I’m putting the #s in the lease calculator on Leasehackr and it’s not coming close to that, which could be user error, but the numbers still seem off to me?

Over $400 for a Rogue is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.


I’m going to throw the obligatory, “you could get a QX60 for that much” line. At 334.98 with the couple grand down, you’re basically at $386 with just first DAS.

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I guessed on your taxes, but that’s close

Zero drive off

Well that’s my question - I told her I’m not putting anything down, just want to pay dealer fees, etc up front. But the only way I end up at her number in the lease calc is to actually put $2175 down - soo I was wondering if I’m understanding something wrong or if she’s misleading me. I’m not taking the offer regardless, I’m going to negotiate down, but dealers are only interested in negotiating monthly lease price until I come at them with a number breakdown from a competitor

Get more quotes from other dealers, also consider something like a 2018 CRV, might be able to get a EX-L for right around $300. You need to be firm with dealers and clarify what you want. State that you need all the numbers up front and won’t be visiting the dealer until everything is agreed upon, you’ll only be showing up to sign the papers and drive away. You can also just build your own deal based on the numbers posted on edmunds, pick a stock# at a dealer, build your deal and say you’ll do a deal at a specific number. What’s your location?

My zip is 06512. I was actually originally going for a CRV, but I’m not blown away by any of the deals and if I can get a fully loaded 2019 Rogue for less than a 2018 CRV, then why not. I’ve been firm, some are starting to bite now and I feel like now that I can come back with actual numbers from other dealers (not just monthly $), they’re being more responsive. But I’m still trying to make sure I’m getting a good deal and the numbers line up…buuuut then I get emails like that and I’m confused all over again hahaha