2019 nissan rogue s sport with convinience package

Hey guys, i am close to having to lease another vehicle, im def getting tons of good info and tips from everyone, so thank you all for that.

I was offered this deal by email, i sent a truecar lead and told them what i needed.

let me know what you all think about this deal, def need an awd vehicle at 15k miles with no money down. this was most inexpensive that came back so far; if you all got any deals that would like to share on vehicles with AWD, blind spot and apple car play let me know, i appreciate you all.

2019 Nissan Rogue S AWD with appearance package
MSRP 25.205
Sales Price 21850
MF .00049
ACQ 595
Incentives 1550
Doc 495
RES% 53%
Registration 301
tax 6.625
payment 275
DAS $0

Where is this?

zip code is 08723, dealership is Pinebelt Nissan

If you can come up w/ some money down, MSD’s might make the MF better and lower the payment further.

i just got this other one, somehow same payment different incentives? lol

no such thing as a 25k rogue s. you’re probably looking at a rogue sport…

In fact, you are looking at a rogue sport S, not a rogue S.

im an idiot, my bad lol #rookiemistake

They’re 2 very different cars, but the deal you got is solid.

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thanks man, i had a bad experience there before but they seem to be always lower the everyone else lol

Please share the bad experience so others can benefit. If they played games in the past, I wouldn’t be surprised if the deal unwound once you get in the dealership.

If so, reach out to Mike (@aronchi), he has strong deals, and it would be worth the hour drive to north NJ.

my dealer is actually like 30 min tops from that zip lol