2019 Nissan Leaf with $5000 out of door and 199 + tax, how good is this? (Bay area)

I saw someone got $4070 (after tax and fee) down and 206 (after tax) on the website, do anyone know where i could get a better deal?

What’s the MSRP of the car? Which trim level LEAF is this? What’s the discount on the car? Hard to evaluate without knowing any of the details.

Base model, with a little over $33000 MSRP, -10000 Nissan rebate, dont qualify for loyalty rebate, $1150 VVP rebate.

Why are you doing such a HUGE down payment?

I think the problem is not with down payment? every $1000 down get my monthly payment down roughly by $30. If i put less down, the monthly payment increases.

You just explained the stupidity behind a down payment to yourself. It only masks the true price of the payment. Combined with the fact that it goes bye bye if it gets totaled, it makes no sense to do one

So what? Take that money and do something else with it. Put down whatever you get back in rebates if you want a lower motley but don’t go over the top with it. The deal you posted is in line with everything i have seen recently…Nissan married this car and won’t let go.

I think my question is: is $349 (=199+5*30) per month a deal for nissan leaf these days or do i have room to negotiate?

Like i mentioned, someone got a better deal it seems with roughly $310 per month (=$206 after tax/1.09 + 4*$30)… wondering if anyone knows where i might be able to find a deal like that :slight_smile:

If you want a great deal, you need to research all of the numbers – the best selling price, what incentives are available, the lowest money factor rate, and the residual value – and keep negotiating with dealers to increase their discount off the car. Get the highest discount, apply the incentives at any dealer, and you’ll put together the best deal. There’s a lot of work you have to do to organize a great deal – it’s not about finding a dealer that will cut you a deal that you read in another thread.