2019 new lexus es (base model) - take it or not?


I’m a first time user here and would like to know if below deal is good or not.

I’m returning my 2015 Lexus RX350 and trying to lease new Lexus ES to cover up any lease return costs.

Original MSRP: $40,969.00
Dealer Cost: $38,929.00
Selling Price: $36,429.00

Lease Term: 36 month
Residuel Value: 52% - $21,303.88
MF: 0.000750
Annual Mileage: 12K
Down payment: $2,500

Payment recap: $399.93 + 9.50% = $437.92

Thank you

It’s a brand new model so it isn’t going to lease well. If you are deadset on it, use MSD and put $0 down. Down payments go bye bye if the car gets totaled

Very good deal on a new model

Adding that down payment takes you over $500 a month for a base model ES which is pretty high, but given it is a brand spanking new (good looking!) model, it’s not the absolute worst. Get rid of the downpayment, add a bunch of MSD’s and it’ll look slightly more paletable.

I would imagine you may possibly find a better deal to be had on another RX, although I know it’s getting pretty old now.

It’s only been out since 2016. I’d hardly call that “pretty old” compared to nearly any member of the CDJR family or many BMWs.

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Thank you for the advise guys!

Hah well indeed it’s no Dodge Journey! (which, funfact: outsold the CX-9, XC90, Q7 and X5 COMBINED in September & indeed almost as many CX5’s! - for a car basically unchanged since 2007, impressive!)

But I thought the interior felt quite dated in the RX. I love the vehicle because I tend to prefer comfier cars for wafting about in, but it felt behind the competition in terms of tech and interior appointment but I get that lots of people prefer the more analogue approach. Horses for courses and all that.

ES comes with carplay :slight_smile: and the UX is coming to market in December.

Probably 80% fleet sales, those get allot farts in them

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