2019 Mercedes GLS 450 lease

Does this sound like a good/decent deal?

2019 Mercedes GLS 450
83K msrp
Selling price 20K off MSRP
$1460 drive off incuding tax, first payment etc
$650/ month
36 months
7500 miles
54% residual
0.00089 money factor

Not bad, are you sure you only want 7500 miles though?

@kick I dont but the payment will go higher then.

It’ll cost you more to pay a mileage penalty at grounding than paying for them up front.

@Batmitestar I heard sometimes they can waive it

Is that written on the contract?

I’ll tell you a secret: sometimes sales folks stretch the truth.

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@Batmitestar besides the miles, what are your thoughts about the deal it self?

Looks solid. It’s a good time to aim for the GLS since it’s due for a redesign.

Makes no sense. Why wouldn’t you get the mileage you need? You’re paying $650/mo to drive it 7500mi/yr. For only ~$25/mo more, you can drive it 10k mi/yr (33% more).


Sometimes they lie.

Some companies will waive a small amount of over miles IF you lease another one of their vehicles.

@Jon yea I think I might just do that. Pay extra for 10k miles

Things can sometimes change. I went from a 6 mile commute to a 30 mile commute (each way). The 7,500 I got is now gonna be woefully inadequate.

But for a big raise, we do what we must. I’ll either transfer out or sell it or pay the penalty or something.

For most regular people 7.5k isn’t enough.

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@Batmitestar totally makes sense! I don’t think I’m too worried about the miles more worried if I’m getting a good deal or paying too much for it.

Even a good deal can turn into a bad deal after paying a huge mileage penalty

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Can you share the dealer?

That’s a really good Deal on a GLS at a time when Mercedes isn’t giving out much of deals on their cars. I think you should get the higher models but understand your perspective, I always opt for 12k Miles even though I really need 15k

It can also go the other way. I had 15,000 when I got my last car in 2016, because I was going into the office 4 days a week (approximately 72 miles round-trip, depending on route). Within 6-8 months of starting the lease, I was down to 3 days a week in the office, so I was a good 5,000+ under my mileage.

Which dealer and where?

Is this deal still available?