2019 Mercedes glc 350e 4matic

Is this a good deal for a 24/15k lease in midwest?

Yes, add the MSDs and you’re golden.

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this is ridiculously good deal. makes me sad after I paid 4.25k down for 459 monthly GLC300 (47k msrp)

Where did you get this? What were the incentives?

Is this a good lease deal?

Do i really need to act before EOM?

I cant believe they still have 56565 cars over there.

They’re inventory looks pretty high on 350e’s for this time of year. Am I wrong?

Does it seem like a good deal?

$900 key replacement plan? How many times are they expecting you to replace a key?

How do these numbers compare to other glc350e numbers you have seen in here? They look quite high to me, but you do have a $900 dealer profit accessory and negative equity rolled in.

Have you gotten an estimate on your trade from carvana, shift, vroom, and carmax?

Have you confirmed MF, RV, and incentives with Edmunds?

The end of month thing isn’t surprising. Programs change every month, so who knows what next month will being.

There is a 1st month payment waiver through MBFS so that needs to be waived and there is no need to put anything down. I would absolutely get rid off the key replacement plan, consider adding a pre-paid maintenance plan, it gets residualized and only adds 10-15$/month in payment. You may be able to negotiate that they add it without passing on the cost to you. I recently leased the same vehicle, details here:

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Also, putting down 10 MSDs would reduce your monthly payment by around 55$. That plus getting rid of the key replacement plan, plus first month waiver, should take you closer to 500/month.

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