2019 Mercedes CLS 450

Hi all, curious if anyone has seen any 1% lease deals on new CLS? Thinking I may need to purchase to make sense here but any help is appreciated. I’m coming out of an 18 e300 at $385/month… is $700 achievable?

Literally no deals on those posted here, get some quotes and post them. Purchase on one of those will be $1000/mo. ish, comes down to cash flow

Man I highly doubt it new model new shape new interior bad RV low incentives

Would be awesome though that car is gorgeous

Thanks, agreed. Guess all the attention is on the 3 and 7 series right now.

I leased the old body style CLS for $708 per month, 0 down, and $8,000 MSD for 3 years and just turned it in, this past March. When I turned in my CLS, the quotes I was receiving on the new model ranged from $1,200 to $1,500 month, with 15,000 miles/yr, maintenance included, 36 month lease, and a 6.75% tax rate.

I won’t be surprised, even in SoCal where there’s a lot of last model, I don’t see it much often. That price tag is for exclusivity. Better get the E53 coupe, cheaper and tbh, looks way better for around $1k.