2019 Mercedes C300 new SoCal

Hi all!

Looking to get a C300. Got a quote from one dealer. MSRP is at 44245 with an a selling price of 36415. Thoughts? Should I try for a loaner 2018?


I should also mention that this is for 36/10.

your putting $5k down?? thats way too much

It’s for MSDs.

I PMed you

Is all of that for MSDs? What was the selling price b/f rebates.?

Seems like an excellent price to me for a 2019 (I was quoted more than that for a 2018 LOANER in SoCal ~1 mo ago), but I’m a newbie here, so…

How much better do I need to be?

Got another offer on a dealership. I still don’t think the offer is good and trying to negotiate down is difficult. This is with terms for 36/12 with 5 MSDs.Thoughts?

Keep your deals in one thread. Just modify the title, if needed.

this deal is amazing.
so, you put 4k MSD?