2019 Mercedes Benz CLS450 Coupe Demo

I received a quote on a 2019 CLS450 4matic executive demo with 2,000 miles. A monthly payment of $866.10 from the dealer. I am coming in under $800 using the leasehackr calculator. Am I missing something?

MSRP: $79,425
Sale Price: $63,540
36 month/15,000 mile per year lease
Residual: 49%
Money Factor: .00043
Tax Rate: 6.75%
Prepaid Maintenance: $2,650
Dealer Fee: $250
Government Fee: $161
MB acquistion Fee: $795
7 MSD @ $6,650
Monthly Payment: $866.10
*$7,677.10 due on delivery (number includes refundable $6,650 MSD).

You didn’t include the prepaid maintenance in your calculator

That only adds $73.61 per month to my lease, which is still more than the Leasehackr calculator price is showing my payment should be.

What rebates/incentives are applied to get to that sales price? Are they taxed?

Show us the dealer’s worksheet to confirm you entered the info correctly.

You need the detailed worksheet. This one doesn’t show the MF, but I’m pretty sure it’s marked up. At .00043, you don’t need 7 MSDs to bring it down to .00001.