2019 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 or 2018/2019 C300


I live in South Florida and a dealership is offering me the new 2019 CLA 250 for lease 36 months / 10k miles per year for $388.00 per month (all inclusive, taxes, fees, etc…) with $1004 cash due.
MSRP $36,945 and their selling price is $31,440. They didn’t provide any additional info. Should I pull the trigger? I saw on here that some people got a 2018 C300 recently for $400/month with zero down and very small DAS.

The same dealership offered me a 2018 C300 with a MSRP of $49,150.00 for $419 + 7% tax (South Florida) per month and $1690 DAS (10k miles per year). Kindly help me. I really want to get a good deal. I don’t really have the cash for MSD right now.

Hold back on that 18 c class. The 19 is out. What’s the selling price. Should be good discounts.
Or get a loaner if you need to save more.

Thanks for your response. They didn’t provide the selling price. I only have the info listed above. My budget is $400.00 max with $1000 DAS at the most. Should I stick to the CLA or could I get a 2018 C300? Not sure I will ever be able to get a 2019 C300 for less than $450/month with $1500.00 DAS probably.

Don’t get the CLA, it’s not a good car and the interior feels cheap lol. You can get the 2018 C300’s for under $400 monthly with 0 down and around ~$900 due at signing (1st month + registration) here in SoCal…

Thanks for your response. The interior of the C300 is way better that’s for sure. How much under $400? 375? I would love to do a deal like that down here but I believe Florida has a higher doc fee ($899 I think). Any ideas on how I could manage to get the dealership to reduce selling price? They don’t seem desperate to get rid of the 2018 from their lot sadly. Thank you for your help.

This is the best deal I could find thus far on a 2018 C300
MSRP: 46,395.00
Selling Price: $36396.00
Doc fee: $799.00
36 months / 12k miles for $430.00 months (7% tax included) with 1100 DAS.
They didn’t provide MF and Residual etc…

Should I pull the trigger?

You can go lower, only put first months down then evaluate the deal

They don’t want to negotiate further. Two other dealerships are unable to beat that either.
MF: .00082
Residual $25517.00 so 55% I believe.

They claim that the residual is 53% but not according to my calculation. Would love to do a deal at $425.00 per month with $425 DAS. But I doubt they are going to entertain this.

I would either get the c300 or wait a few months for the new A Class to come out as the tech, console and style of that car is pretty sweet. It will start below the CLA but kitted out will be $40k+++.

Give me a call or text 561-777-6901. I’m a Mercedes-Benz dealer in South Florida. I’ll see what I can put together for you on both the CLA and C300.

If I can’t beat your current offer I’ll just tell you but need to know exactly what car you’re looking at so I can run some numbers and see where I can get to.

Did you purposely choose 12k miles per year? It would lower your payment if you did 10k which should bring you closer to the payment you want