2019 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE63 S Coupe

Hi, I’m new here and not entirely familiar with leases but was wondering if you guys could give your advice and maybe your insight on how to go about leasing this car if you were to do it.

The vehicle is a 2019 Mercedes AMG GLE63 S Coupe. It was brought to the only Mercedes dealer in Montana (where I reside) from Seattle. It was driven here by the owner of the dealer and he used it a bit for his personal car when he then decided he no longer wanted. Celebrity Kanye West then visited Montana and they let him use the car for about 200 miles. In total the car has 1100 miles but has never been titled. The car has been on their lot for sale since the middle of June and I know they’re desperate to get rid of it. They said they would take $1100 off the price because of the 1100 miles the vehicle has. I know I can get the vehicle for a lot cheaper. They say that MB does not offer incentives for this vehicle but I know regardless the dealership can go down. Montana does not have sales tax which is a perk of purchasing vehicles here.

Apparently invoice for this vehicle was $117,000

MSRP: $123,385.00
Gross Cap Cost: $124,488.00
Cash Cap Reduction: $6,910.86
Adjusted Cap Cost: $117,577.14
Monthly Payment with $10,000 down, 36mos, 12,000 miles/yr: $2,390
MF is apparently this but they switched it a couple times: .00165
They said the residual is 53%

They say that minimum down is $4,000 but do not want to give me the lease numbers if I only put $4,000 down.

Thank you!

There is no minimum to put down in the car. They just want you to put money down to drop the monthly. It also looks as if they’re marking up MSRP up 1k. Confirm what MF is.

In my opinion, you’re paying exotic car money for a Mercedes GLE. To each their own.

You need 10% discount on this car and figure out what the incentives there are in this car. Look at nation wide dealers and ship if you have to.

The high-end AMGs typically don’t lease great, but this seems excessive. I don’t think some of the numbers they gave you are correct - with those, I get closer to $1800/month payment and $9100 drive-off.

  1. Residual seems high for a 63. I thought it was closer to mid-40s, but you can ask on the Edmunds lease forums and they can probably find the exact number.

  2. MF seems low. These are usually “standard MF”, which is thought to be .0025+.

Even making those adjustments I can’t get it to go to $2,390 with $10k/down. More markup on the MF? Extra add-ons? Not sure.

Either way, that’s a lot of money for a Kanye West fart car.

I agree completely. They were so proud of the fact that Kanye West had driven it even adding that they shouldn’t be taking any off for the mileage given that Kanye West had driven the car.

Thank you for the advice! Will look for sure. I think dealers are really looking to get rid of them since the next one will be the 2021 released next year.

You’d think so, but they can be fairly tight with the AMG models - dealer near me (just a few states away from you) has 7 2019 E63s on the lot (almost 1/2 of their total E class inventory), some of which are going to be celebrating birthdays soon, and they still won’t discount them more than a few thousand.

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Jay holy **** man. I can’t believe you would even consider this deal. This is past awful. No discount inflated mf. It’s a damn suv. Why not look at x5m when it’s released?

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Can buy an exotic for this down and payment

I’d rather have the Bentley SUV

Pass on this deal

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What are Kanye farts worth to you?


Please stay away from this “deal”. Beyond horrible. MB’s weakest segment and old body style.

If my calcs are right, you’ll pay less buying one year used than paying a lease for three years at these figures.

Also, new GLE63 due next year – this model is dead.

Mercedes Benz of Billings I’m guessing? They are such a joke of a dealership. They capitalize off of the fact that they are the only MB dealer in the state. Please walk OP.

Same applies to Bozeman Audi. Having lived in MT for 4 years, I strongly suggest you source a car out of state and capitalize off of the zero sales tax. Beyond easy to register a car in MT anyways.

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Please run away! Montana is huge, plenty of space to run far.
$2,390 x 36 mos + $10,000 = $96k. The msrp is $123k.
If you really must have it, but and finance it.
Or absolutely look out of state.
Good luck!

$2390/month for that privilege.