2019 Mercedes-Benz A 220 Experience

Did anyone experience driving 2019 Mercedes-Benz A 220?

I’m interested in reading your reviews.

Great car for the price. Hey Mercedes is pretty cool. MBUX technology is quite advanced compared to other manufactures.

I have a bias option

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Long time MB owner.

Technology is fantastic for the price point and the exterior design language is fantastic. The car has a good feel for the road but acceleration can leave you feeling wanting at times. I’m 6’1 and ~230 pounds and the slope of the front/rear windshield left me feeling a bit claustrophobic. I’m also almost 40, and I imagine that I would have a lot more forgiving of a take if I was a decade younger. I imagine this car is super appealing to single 20-30’s with the disposable income.

Being me, though, I would advise starting at the C300. The tech isn’t as strong, but the driving dynamics, speed, and interior cabin are all superior. If you can wait, I imagine that the tech from the A220 will end up in the 2020 C class.

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