2019 MB C300 awd 4matic sedan loaner

Dear lhers,
I got a quote on a 2019 mb c300 loaner.
MSRP49000, 20.8%off sale price, 3100miles on it.
With 10msd, MF is 0.00015, I think this is base. RV 55%. 15k/36. Local tax 7.5%.
Monthly payment is 405 with only first month +5000MSD as DAS.
Any thought on this one? Appreciate your time and effort.

Looks good for 15k p/a mileage. Might want to see how much prepaid servicing is as that 40k service will be expensive. Perhaps 24 month might work out cheaper but depends on tires.

Thanks for the input. I’ll ask about the 24 month. Any idea how much is the 40k service?

I don’t know unfortunately, but normally it’s the most expensive service. The real world cost gets complicated for the second and third years as you have to estimate brake and tire replacements assuming you intend to keep it for the full term. Check on the Benz forums as I’m sure they’ll be lots of info, or ask them for advice.

Thanks. I will do that.

I went in to test drive the c300 and figure there was another incentive. so it brings the monthly down to 387.
I am kind of happy about this rate. Any thought, guys?

See how much 24 month will be and see if one pay would make sense.

Is the purpose of doing this to avoid the 40k service? So compare to $387 on 15/36, I know 15/24 would be higher, but how much higher would be still better than do the service? Thanks.

Not necessarily. Check the residuals.
In addition to service maybe you will even be able to get away without buying new tires.

Part of it is working out are you looking for the cheapest possible lease, irrespective of lease term. Or are you likely to get itchy feet and want out sooner?

I would do a rough calculation for 24 months vs 36 months and work out the cost per month, basically lease cost + maintenance + servicing divided by months. With a high discount amount and 15k miles this normally pushes the needle toward 24 months.

This is just spitballing, and will depend a lot on your driving style. For 36 months you’re going to go through at least 1 full set of tires, possibly 2 front and 4 rear for 48k miles (inc loaner miles). Plus brakes all around. Plus 20k, 30k and 40k services.

For 24 months I’d say 1 full set of tires and probably brakes. Plus 20k and 30k services.

You have a good deal already though, it’s just important to realise that your costs fluctuate over the term of the lease, even if the monthly lease cost is very similar for 24 vs 36 months.

Thanks for the input.

I got you. I did not realize that 45k miles would result in that many tires cost. I will do the math and see how it goes. Thanks aj.