2019 MB C300 4MATIC loaner lease deal

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes Benz C-300 4Matic Loaner

Premium Package - Leather, Moonroof, heated seats, heated steering wheel
Tech packages - Nav.

MSRP: $53k
Selling Price: $42k
Monthly payment: 420

Lease Term - 36/15
Current mileage: ~5,000
MSD due: $3500
MF: .00002

DAS: First month payment $420 + MSDs

Do you think its a good deal for a Exec. Demo/loaner ?

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Yes. Solid deal. 20% discount helps you a lot, and for 15K miles you won’t do much better. If you want to decrease the monthly, reducing the miles would be the way to go.

I wanted the 15K miles so i am happy with the payment.

In what state is this deal?

im in Ohio

I’m from Ohio too. What dealer did you get it from?

Yes what dealer did you go to? I am in Columbus Ohio and looking at the same car (loaner)?