2019 Mazda CX-5 Touring... Am I a sucker or is this a good deal?



I’m a newb so don’t flame me.

After some back and forth, just got last offer from dealership on Mazda CX-5 Touring with Preferred Equipment Package

MSRP: $29580

36 months, 12K a year

$866 Driveoff

$379 a month, including tax

I’m gonna get their breakdown of the offer tomorrow.

When I plugged numbers in the calculator to get that payment, it came out like this:

Am I a sucker or is it a decent deal?

Thanks hackers.


Effective $395ish for a Touring model is a horrific offer. We used to see GTs go for low 300s. Granted it’s a bit higher now, but still shouldn’t exceed mid 300s. And again, that’s for a GT.

A regular touring should be lower 300s


I have no idea how to negotiate this. How do I know the number I need to get to or I walk?


How to negotiate? Email all dealers within 100 miles and get competing offers. Wait till end of month. If you don’t get your price after all that, wait to next month and start over.


So is $340 a reasonable target price?


Hard to say exactly, but a good point of reference would be to search the forums for Mazda and see past deals on a CX-5


Got my fiancé in to a GT with everything except heated back seats/steering wheel and HUD for $900 DAS and $330 a month including tax at Culver City Mazda.
This was before I even knew about this forum, might’ve even made it cheaper if I had known.
Good luck and if you go in there look for the younger gentleman named Jeff, he took good care of us.


Seems high to me…paying $400/mo to drive a sub-$30K vehicle? :man_shrugging:


That sounds like a great deal. Was it a 2019? 36 months/12k and do you know what they sold it to you for?

Thanks for the input


That’s why I don’t want to be a sucker. Glad I found this forum. I’m just trying to figure out the numbers to target.


It was a 2018 we got the car over a year ago.
36month and 10k I think (might’ve gone 12k but I think we did 10, she will be way under anyways)
I believe the MSRP was over 32k but we got it for less.
Will try to get her paperwork and let you know the more exact figures.
I was just stoked to get the deal and get her out of the damn Ford Fiesta, it was NOT a party!

The CX5 is actually really great and the technology is impressive, I am considering getting one myself :smiley: