2019 Mazda 3 Preferred Sedan FWD

I have been shopping around and so far this is the best deal I’ve found on this vehicle, thoughts? Zero DAS. 12k/36m.

Byers in Columbus is advertising $250 + $499 down for a $26k msrp. I think it’s 10/36. But at that price you have a lot better options. You can be in a CX5 GT AWD for about the same price.

You are getting little to no dealer discount in that quote. Keep trying…

8% dealer discount is actually good for a Mazda. OP, do you qualify for loyalty, and is that rebate included in discount, or on top?

No loyalty. the $2010 rebate is all I qualify for in my area according to Edmunds.

8-10% off MSRP + the $2,000 factory incentive should be your goal. Especially with the 20s rolling on the lot (noting that Mazda is usually quite a bit later than others with new year models hitting the lot)

Check out brokers on the Marketplace to get a baseline