2019 Macan loaner lease deal check

I received this quote from a dealer on a 2019 Loaner CPO Macan. Not sure of what RV or MF should be as it is a CPO. Quote is for 5000 miles but was told they would do the same deal for 10k miles.


Help us help you.


Does PCC allow MSD?

RV is what it is. There is no “what it should be”

MF looks ballpark correct for Porsche buyrate.

It was a very low optioned car. $54420

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They will double your miles under the same payment amount?

That is what I was told by the dealer.

Honestly, considering how generally poorly any Porsche leases, a 10K per year lease on this at 533 doesn’t seem half bad. I wouldn’t want to own the maintenance costs over that 42 month period though, it will probably get very ugly. I have known more than one person (for whom money was not an issue) who ditched their Porsche because they felt violated after every maintenance visit​:flushed:. This, and as money does matter to me since it is not unlimited, has kept me from pursuing one :cry:

This is a good deal.

Porsche does not allow MSDs

Buy rate is 0.002

The residual for 10K will be roughly $32500 (approximately 5000 miles on odometer)
Residual for 5K will be roughly $36000. That should mean the lease payment should be about $450/mo

People, realize that Porsche is not for everyone. Realize that Porsche is the most profitable manufacturer in the auto industry. They make more profit than brands that sell 6x the volume than Porsche does. Porsche is making money in sales and service. So if you would like to get a Porsche for the pricey name, get ready to pay for it as well.


Appears to be a 17.5% discount (respectable - depending on mileage and condition)

RV for 42/5k - 59% ($32,107.80 minus mileage) vs. 42/10k - 57% (31,019.40 minus mileage)

Buy rate = .0200 (Level 1 - up to 42 months)

If the car has < or = to 1k miles - no reduction in RV

If the car has >1k miles - $.30 reduction in RV for each mile

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Tesla could be a close second or maybe even first. They charge over $4500 to replace the rack…

Realize that new Porsches are not for everyone but used porsches are very nicely depreciated by the fool that leased ahead of you :slight_smile:

Porsche is the most profitable because they sell 30k cars for 60k and 1k options for 5k.

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“Oh? You wanted a steering wheel? No problem! That is option 127B and will add $795 to MSRP. But we will residualize it at 47% on a three-year 5K mile per year lease.” :grin:.

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Unfortunately the car was sold right before the board went down and anyone could give their opinion on the deal. More loaners are expected in the next couple of weeks and I’ll jump on it when it does.

Or a millionaire who doesn’t care to throw an extra couple of pennies to look different from all the peasants :rofl:. If they got money to blow, are they really a “fool” for doing that?

It’s all about the perspective.

It’s like getting a high end watch. Is there anything special about it? Nope! Yet you buy it for the brand recognition.

Or getting a Louis Vuitton bag. I think it is a stupid thing to spend money on something like that cause I can’t afford it. But I know a lot of people who can. In my opinion, It’s good for the economy to have products like that. Keeps the money flowing rather than sitting in someone’s bank account :rofl:

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When you get pricing like that on a Porsche a person probably has to act quickly or someone else will. At lease now you know what to shoot for.