2019 Lexus Rx450h Lease return with Accident

This is a follow up to this post… since there was no activity on it for over 60 days it’s been archived…

tl;dr…My leased Lexus 2019 Rx450h got into an accident < month before my lease was up. Gave it to the body shop and did a verbal extension of my lease. Kept the car while shopping for a new one.

Body shop finally completed the repair after 3 months with a bill of about 22k which insurance paid out. A couple of weeks after I got the car back (which is about a week ago) the car started making a humming/clicking sound from under the rear right seat of the car. The car’s warning system went on the fritz giving “hybrid system overheating” warnings. I called the body shop and they immediately had it towed and sent to the dealership. Turns out there were tons of tiny metal fragments stuck in the hybrid cooling fans, all over the hybrid battery pack and the carpet at the back. The dealership “recommended” to have the battery pack replaced because they couldn’t get all the fragments out. They estimate about an additional 15k worth of repairs to get this done. This kind of sounds outrageous but I’ll try and give them the benefit of the doubt.

They’re also charging $1600 for the diagnostic and tear down and clean out of the hybrid fans only (which is being paid out by insurance) since the dealership says it’s related to the previous accident. However, insurance is denying the claim to replace the battery pack. Since this repair was recommended by the dealership, the dealership said they may not be able to take the car back when my lease is up without having all the work done.

I don’t see why I should pay for any of these repairs when none of this was actually my fault. What are my options? I’ve attached pictured of what the dealership sent me.

It really needs to be filed as an adjustment on the original claim. If you cannot get anywhere with the insurance company’s adjuster you should hire your own. It will have some fees involved, and a % of the additional claim money (so use this as a last option). Warranty will not pay for accident damage to the battery pack.